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  1. kastlevu

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    Jan 23, 2004
    we are going on the Disney Cruise next Nov and my
    > son has just been diagnosed with Celiac disease.
    > What do I need to do to make sure they have foods he
    > can eat and that there is no contamination of his
    > food.
  2. tecdavidt

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    Jan 23, 2000
    Contact your booking agent, whether a TA or DCL direct and tell them you need a medical form to fill out. This will be used when you check in. I am gluten intolerant which for me means no wheat, oats or barley. Another name is Celiac. Some also can not have milk products. DCL is well prepared for this at meal times. They have gluten free bread! and they go out of their way to make sure the diet is followed. When I ran into our servers during the breakfast and lunch buffets they offered to go get some of the gluten free bread for me. When you order the servers will be able to tell you what is OK and what is not. Sometimes they will make something special.

    Of all the cruiselines we have been on, Celebrity, Princess, Carnival and DCL, DCL is the only line that made sure I didn't get any gluten in my diet. Some cruises I don't bother with the form and just notifty my servers. In the case of a child I would get the form and get your doctor signature which is required on the form.

    I would bring your own snack foods, I do, since they do not stock gluten free crackers, cookies or breakfast cereal. There are several web sites that stock gluten free, lactose free products. Don't forget to stock up on the traveling food if you are going by air. When the pretzels are served I whip out my wheat free pretzels. features a selection named after a NFL football player's child who is also a Celiac. It is Danielle's Favorites and Danielle's father is Rich Gannon.

    Being a celiac isn't fun but you learn to live with it. Kathy
    One more thing--I eat better on the cruise than I do at home!:D
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    Oct 14, 2003

    I don't suffer from this disease but I just wanted to let you know that your post was especially informative. Thanks for all the time you put into it. I'm sure the OP will appreciate this info.


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