Food Truck Accessibly?

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    Aug 22, 2003
    We usually stay at Congress Park section of SSR, and I have enjoyed going over to the Food Trucks at Disney Springs.

    My physical status has deteriorated and i can no longer stand up. As I remember the windows are pretty high on the food trucks. . And that’s what the photos that I’ve see show also.

    The Disney site says that these are accessible. Has someone here dealt with this from a seated mobility device? Looking for some first hand experience. Thanks.
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    Oct 28, 2000
    Last June 2018, I was at Disney Springs on the Westside and after watching an AMC movie, I drove by two of those food trucks in an open area next to the lake. Several guys were outside the trucks and I was just reading their menus. I didn't see any wheelchair height windows to the truck, but I am sure that they would bring the order out to you from their truck. With a truck being on wheels, I don't think it would be easy to have a wheelchair height window. But the access by wheelchair is very open as far my experience in this particular spot. I didn't see any food trucks, but this was the first time in many years being in the area and it is so huge and unfamiliar in the center of Disney Springs. It reminded me of an open shopping mall. The East and West side was still familiar to me being next to the lake.
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    We were just there; the new Barbacoa truck was parked between Basin and the Disney store. We didn't get down to the other trucks, but I did notice that the Barbacoa truck had a podium outside, with a CM, and they were assisting another Guest in a wheelchair with their food.

    There were no tables with chairs there, however - just a few pub-height standing tables - so plan to find a spot to eat!
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