Flying in night before/ground transportation question

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by mtdewhead, Nov 4, 2010.

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    Feb 5, 2002
    We are going to fly in the night before but I was wondering how that works with ground transportation. Do they give you a time to be back at the airport to be picked up in the morning (we are going to stay at an airport hotel)?

    Also, will my luggage be accessible (i.e.. should I pack overnight bags for the airport hotel)?
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    Since you are not flying in the day your cruise departs, you will not be able to use the DCL service that gets your luggage from the airline. You will need to claim it yourself and take it back to the airport the next morning. So.... you will have complete access to your luggage after your flight.

    The DCL buses start leaving for the port around 9:00am, and it is first come, first served, so the earlier you're back at the airport the earlier you will arrive at the port.
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    If you stay at the Orlando airport Hyatt, and you have arranged for bus from the airport to the port, then it's easy. you will have to pick up your bags and take them to the hotel with you. When you check in, tell them you are taking the bus the next day, and they will provide an instruction sheet to you. Basically, your bags will be picked up and taken to the ship for you, and you go down to the hotel lobby and check in for the bus.

    It used to be that the check-in at the hotel was only for the bus, but when we were in Barcelona for the transatlantic crossing back, they actually checked us into the ship at the same time as the bus.

    Maybe they are doing that for Port Canaveral as well. Sure hope so, because it greatly sped everything up, and allowed us to go directly onto the ship when we got to the port.

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