Flying Allegiant to Sandford 9/26

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    Our first exp with Allegiant I had some amazing rates for legs by booking one or two people at a time. One is $55, few at $73, last one was $97. Flying back to Scranton, they were all $55 or $77.

    We are flying out Of Allentown, coming back to Scranton. For unkn reason only flight in Sept down was 9/03? The one issue I had was kinks like last name on my older son we put as my remarriage name. I could not get online itinary open as the email was wrong. So customer service was lagging, this was the first day they were booking Scranton flights.

    All the bags need pre pay for discount; backpack, free under seat. The carry on 9"/14/22" can be put overhead I think $16.50, pre checked bag 40 lbs, maybe 26" is $20.....each leg. But that is from memory. I pre checked two checked bags and three carry ons for the five of us, plus our back packs.

    The convienance is local, half hr drive, and direct flight. The down, no Mickey Express, but we get a rental anyway. $299.00 from Enterprize.

    I will check back and let you all know how it goes. Short drive to airport, and about two hr. flight, can't wait. Last trip in June we drove. This will be so different. Previous trip to that out of Harrisburg on AirTran, was flawless. $950, flight and bags. Parked the car there for $55. I think Frontier now has that run.

    For Scranton locals, let you know how it goes!

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