Florida Resisdents: Ticket prices?


Earning My Ears
May 12, 2000
I am aware that at the moment theres a special for FL resisdents but it end next week. I was wondering if any of you knew if Universal had any other promotions like for annual passes for FL resisdents? or if they have the same offer they have now,(which ends May 1st) starting again in the summer? I have visited the web-site for ticket prices for this sight but the universal one sames out-dated. I wint to the official USF one and it just mentions the special that ends May 1st. Any UCF experts willing to help?
You mean USF experts. UCF is University of Central Florida. :) Anyway, I have heard of no other special Florida resident deals on tickets beyond 5/1. You may be able to find a Florida resident discount on HRH or PBH though.


Barry Hom
Moderator, Universal and Sea World Boards

Roller coaster king

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