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Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by HappyGilmore, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. HappyGilmore

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    Jul 2, 2000
    If you are a Florida Resident and have Kid Care insurance can you share with me anything about it - good, bad, expecriences etc.
  2. saffron1000

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    Feb 24, 2010
    My 2 year old has Florida Kidcare and I love it!!! I pay the full price premium which is 159/month. They also have 10/month premium if you meet the income criteria. There is a $0 deductible on office visits and prescriptions. It also covers vision and dental with no deductible no copay. Personally I have had no problems with this program and would highly recommend it.
  3. kalina1017

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    May 9, 2011
    I've had so many issues with them its insane.

    If you ever have to call them make sure you have plenty of time, because you will be on HOLD FOREVER.

    I can't tell you how many times they've dropped my coverage over their own lack of communication or their inadequacy. If I didn't need it so much for my daughter I'd say screw it.

    I always paid ahead of time, and I had a $5 credit in the acct. My premium was only $10. One time I wound up having to move because my landlord put the house up on a short sale without telling us. So we were scrambling to find a place to live on short notice and trying to get things organized and I forgot to go online and pay. I was dropped. I did not get a notice saying "your acct is due...please pay before or you will be dropped...."

    Another time after I renewed I had sent in the docs via email. I called to ask if they got everything. "yes ma'am" everything is fine. I got a letter saying that not all docs were submitted. I called again and asked what was missing. "Disregard the letter please, I apologize, we do have everything" Then I got another letter that while the letter inside was dated the 15th, the post stamp on the envelope wasn't until the 27th, to tell me my coverage would be terminated on the 30th because of missing documents, which fell on a weekend...I received the letter on Friday after work, with the 1st being on a Monday,nothing I could do and my daughter went the next month without coverage.

    Another time I went to get my daughters prescription and after a few years of being on the same rx suddenly it wasn't covered. I called Florida KidCare, the person couldn't tell me what the problem was, that I should call CMS. I call CMS they had no clue who I was or why I was calling and they couldn't help me. I asked to speak to a supervisor. They would not put the call through, but took my number and told me the supervisor would return my call. Well I was at work and had called during my break, there was a time difference between where I lived and Tallahassee so I couldnt call when I got off work because their offices would be closed. Yes, the supervisor returned my call, but since I was at work on another call I couldnt take the call, the supervisor never left a number I could call back on, I would basically have to call all over again and request a supervisor.. etc.. Finally I called BCBS myself. BCBS apologizes, tells me their formulary changed, but no problem just have the doctor fill out a form. Doctor fills it out and I get a letter from BCBS saying they will cover the RX for another year. I go to pick up my prescription... not covered. I call BCBS they say my coverage was terminated. Of course I'm livid now... so I call Florida KidCare and they tell me they took me off BCBS because of the Rx issue and enrolled my child in the CMS plan instead. So I call CMS again, finally I got a plan number and whatever and was able to get the Rx.

    Currently my daughter's coverage has been terminated.. AGAIN (been like maybe 4 times in 5 years). I had to renew, I didn't understand why because I did renew in December and this was only March. I renewed online, and they used to have an email address where you could submit docs online. Not anymore. I got all my docs as per the list, took copies and mailed them in... IN MARCH. I went on a job hunting/interview trip in April. My mother calls me overseas to tell me I got a letter saying my coverage would end April 30th, that documents were missing. I got a letter from CMS too, so I called CMS from overseas (they do answer quick), and they told me that a LOT OF PEOPLE were having issues this month because Florida KidCare had a new rule in which they needed a copy of the child's ID if they were old enough and they had failed to tell people. Sure enough, that was what was missing, I had my mother immediately send it in. I came back to the states and I still haven't heard from them and I can't get through on the phone. These are just a few examples that stick out the most.

    So my advice, when you call, keep a log of it. Write down date, time, how long you were on hold, who you spoke with (first and last name), their extension and what they said. Not sure it will make much of a difference though, because I have been told "I'm sorry you were misinformed but I still can't resolve your issue", but I was told that yes, they did see that I had called several times that month on their call log. So if things get bad and you need to "write a letter" you have a detailed account of things.
  4. flamom

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    May 29, 2004
    my youngest child is covered under florida kid care. i've been happy with it,especially not having co-pays. i would recommend it.
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    Jun 27, 2007
    Is it only for low income?

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