Flights from Houston???


Earning My Ears
Mar 12, 2000
Has anyone come across any good deals from houston to orlando? I saw what I thought was a pretty decent fair last week, but I didn't realize I had to book it by the next day. It was with Continental leaving early in the morning and coming home in the late afternoon. It was for 5/12 - 5/19 and the price was $838.00 total for 4 tickets. I could kick myself because a couple of days later is was almost $1000.00. If anyone has had any good deals during that time from Houston, on any airline please let me know.

I got my tickets flying out of IAH (Houston) for a week in march with hotel included for around 1500$ for two people.

I just went and looked up a fight for you from IAH flying Continental for 4 people for the dates you requested and its 1026$ If your needing a hotel also check them out. Great Deals.

Michael and Carrie
I would recommend that you go ahead and purchase your tickets. Fares will not likely come down for your travel dates between now and May. If you are willing to drive to New Orleans, you can buy non-stop flights on Southwest for $131.50 right now. It's on this week's Internet-only specials, but the lower fare is not available on your return date or the roundtrip fare would be under $100. The fare is valid until midnight 1/25, unless it sells out before then.

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The usual low price for that flight (1500) from IAH is $250.00 -- if you wait it will normally drop to that price at some point or the other. I have not had to pay more than that. It's also the one that is normally overbooked the most. If you have a ton of flexibilty in your schedule, you can usually volunteer to bump and get your ticket for the next trip free :)

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We are flying from Bush to Orlando on 2/9/01 and have got a fare of $259.50 per person for 4 on Expedia. The only catch is that the flight out of Houston has a 1 1/2 hr layover in Miami but the flight home is direct on 2/13/01. We have a group of Cheerleaders from the high school here who are going on that early morning flight to competition at WDW.
Thank you for all of your suggestions regarding our flight out of Houston. Now that my DH has really sat down and thought about it, he thinks he may want to drive!!!! I think he is nuts, but it would save some $$$. Anyone know approx. how long it would take. I've been told anywhere between 15-17 hours. I'm not sure I can last that long in a car (well, suburban) no matter how big it is.

Hey -- I'm sending out a great big "GOOD LUCK" to those cheerleaders. Seems we have some really good teams around this year. The Varsity squad from where I live just won National Champs!! Hope your girls do great and have a wonderful time!! :D
Expedia says that we live 16 hours and 2 mins. form Disney. We live 45 min. south of Houston. As a family of 5 on a budget we can't afford to fly, so we are driving in November. Many of my husbands coworkers said they had a great time driving. They went straight thru, I'm not that brave. We want to be rested and fresh when we get to Disney. You might try, you can not only map your route, but they will tell you where you can find Best Westerns along the way. Not sure but some of the other hotel chains may do the same thing. God Bless you and Safe Trip.

hello. if you are going to fly i would purchase those tickets immediatly because they might just keep going up. I bought my tickets august 2000 for our upcoming june 2001 vacation to disney. We bought 4 tickets at $118 roundtrip on american airlines and since then they have just kept going up and up and up. We also have driven to disney and it is not so bad as long as you take toys for kids and stop one night at a hotel. have fun


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