Five Nights at RPR 22-27 Oct 2017 TR


Jun 21, 2015
Yes, I know I'm so late in doing this but I just finished WDW TR and Dining TR!

So Hi there,
My name is Alana and this is my Husband Luke!

It was our first time to Orlando and we had an absolute blast! I'm so excited to share with you all our memories! We didn't have any dining or photo packages which I'm a bit down about but it was fab anyway!

We left for Universal around 10am and we didn't expect our room to be ready so I paid for our room, we got our express passes but we didn't need to do a photo for it for some reason, I got a lei and we headed to bell services to drop off our suitcases then off to the shop to get our lanyards! I got a Hufflepuff one obviously and Luke got a Duff Beer one.

Luke really wanted to go to the Mall but I was so desperate to get inside and some how he said 'Come on lets go to them then!' Yay, we were on our way and of course on the boat (Luke LOVES going anywhere on the boat).

Our first ride was the Mummy and what a good ride to start with! We had no idea what to expect and was so awesome. We then went over to Rip Ride Rocket and I totally freaked out, Luke promised to get me a Corn Dog if I went on it..

So I did.. And got my Corn Dog!

We walked around and went to Men In Black. I had no idea that it spins and nor did Luke and he just can't do anything that spins so you can imagine his face when we started.. Anyway I loved it and my score was absolutely terrible.

We then followed the way towards Simpsons land and went on the ride there. I must say that even though it wasn't that busy having the Express Pass was so worth it and I'm so glad that we got them with our stay at RPR. Anyway, we went on the Simpsons Ride.. Never again.

One of his favourite tv shows

We then went on to Shrek 4D and were in the back row, doubt we would go on it again it was just really outdated to both of us.
After a fun few hours we went back to our resort as we had a text to say our room was ready. We got our luggage and our room was so lovely even though it was a normal standard room I was impressed!

Our standard view room

Luke wanted to check out Citywalk so back on the boat we went and had a look round and saw there was a Mini golf there so of course we did it and it was great fun. Unfortunately for me he did win.
After that we were getting a bit hungry and stopped at Red Oven Pizza Bakery and it was absolutely delicious.



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May 15, 2007
Hey..........Better late than never :thumbsup2

Loved your start to your trip.......

Standard rooms are still lovely at RP........

You did well with your day and managed to do a lot........well done doing RRR........even if you don’t do it again, at least you’ve done it........yes, Mummy is fabulous.

Love your pictures and look forward to reading more on your trip..........


Jun 21, 2015
Day 2 - Islands of Adventure

We headed off to the park around 9am as we were far too excited and we were starving so went into Moon Croissant Bakery. Luke had a muffin and I had a Ham and Cheese Croissant. We both fancied Iced coffee but we didn't realise how different it was and ended up throwing them away :sad2:

We were just going to take it easy especially since we had express passes. After food we headed towards Seuss Landing where Luke had a photo with Sam-I-Am and the Grinch

We walked through the Lost Continent but nothing was open just yet but we never actually went back here

It was still cloudy but it was warm enough. We went into Hogsmeade and I must say that it's incredible. We decided we didn't want to go on any rides except the water ones today as I bought a change of clothes - I just wish that I bought a towel!

I video called my parents and sister to show them and while I did that Luke had a butterbeer. I didn't like it at all but he loved it.
We left a busy Hogsmeade and went into Jurrasic Park. I'm a big fan of all the films even the Worlds (still not seen the second one yet!)

We went into the Discovery Centre which was neat and then we headed to River Adventure.

We did rent a locker and braved the drop and loved it! We went into the gift shop that was there and I bought the hat which my Mum has got.

We went to Kong and it was good, I wouldn't have waited in the stand by line which was 40 minutes. We then decided it was time to go to Toon Lagoon and brave the two worst water rides we've ever encountered.

We met a lovely Dad and two sons from London and it was there third time on it. We didn't need to use our express passes as it was only a 5 minutes wait at 11am. The two boys were in the front, then Luke, then Dad then me! They were winding us up saying here it comes and we were both laughing the whole way round. Then we saw the drop and we all screamed so loud! It was so much fun but I was glad I was behind the Dad as I didn't get too wet but my shoes were soaked!

While we were still soaked we went on Popeye & Bluto's Bilge-Rat Rapids, another 5 minute stand by. Wow, what a ride this was. The ladies on the ride weren't English but the laughs were infectious which is what I love about these rides that you share with others. Of course we were drenched and proceeded to the massive dryers which didn't do anything for us. In that moment Luke was in a foul mood as I didn't bring a towel or socks and underwear.. whoops! So we walked back to the resort totally bypassing Marvel Super Hero Island.

We got washed and changed and Luke was hungry. By this point it was around 2pm so he said lets go back. So we went back to Islands of Adventure and went on Dr Dooms Fear fall which we both loved. We went into the arcade and Luke one a whole bunch of tickets so we got a Marvel Tsum Tsum, lollipops some other sweets and a small basketball and hoop. We decided on food and went into the Captain America Diner. We both got the Burger combo.

Now it was time to head back and chill. We watched some TV and had a nap and we were hungry once again so went to the Bula Bar and Grille at RPR and it because our go to place for food. There was a storm coming in and wow it rained. I had the Starter Shipwreck Nachos and Luke had the Bula Burger.

They were both amazing.

It actually defeated me. It was a starter!

We decided we would have a chill day tomorrow and go to the Outlet but that plan didn't go well and went from the Outlets to Florida Mall! Anyways, that's it for now! Thanks for reading :wave2:


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Apr 21, 2003
I don’t know how I missed this trip report but I’m here now

Loved your pictures!


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Feb 7, 2008
Nice report! I love the pictures with Sam I am and Grinch! My boys loved the Dr. Seuss books! We have a collection of them and read to them every night! Hope to get a picture with them sometime!:thumbsup2


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