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    Jan 19, 2008
    Hi to the WISH area of the board...and I am so excited to have "stopped" in. Hope it's ok if I stay?! My goal is to be fit by the time I turn 50 in 14 months...somewhere around 60 weeks. I would like to loose at least 72 lbs...more if possible but at least 72. I have been on diets ALL my life so I am not looking for a diet but rather a way of eating healthier that hopefully can carry over to my family. My plan is to do some research and to actually PLAN my meals ahead of time. Seems like there is ALWAYS something going on in life that keeps me from accomplishing this one goal so guess I am making a commitment to "Fit by 50"! Would LOVE any suggestions and advise! Thanks for letting me join in! I hope to keep posting results, success and struggles on this thread! I am getting sooo EXCITED!
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    Jul 9, 2010
    Yay! Congrats on the decision to be "fit by 50!" And, welcome to wish :)

    I love your idea of planning out meals. I do so much better when I plan everything out. There's lots of ways to help you achieve your goal. I know lots of people use Sparkpeople and My Fitness Pal online or the app. Some like actual plans like Weight Watchers (me, personally). I would do some research & see what you find. If you have any questions, please ask! Also, we have a Biggest Loser challenge here that's super fun & supportive. We are in our last weeks of the challenge, but pop on, read along, and post when you'd like. There's so much good info and people are so helpful. There's a healthy eating thread somewhere with recipes. There's also a monthly exercise challenge where you set a goal for yourself (usually how many minutes you want to exercise for the month) and post your exercise. It keeps me motivated to try to hit that goal.

    Anyhow, the wish board has great advice, support, and information. Welcome & jump right in!

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    Mar 5, 2011
    Fit by 50! I love that! I'm 49, will be 50 in August. I lost 25 lbs on Weight Watchers Online about 3 years ago. Slowly, with a little help from menopause, I've put 10 back on. I have also been sporadic with the walking lately. I really feel out of shape, and I don't want it to go further than this. I plan to get back on track so I can be fit at 50 as well!

    Currently I'm walking again. Using some light weights for upper body carefully, as I have a rotator cuff injury. I use the principles of eating from WW, but now count calories on My Fitness Pal. I also use a Fitbit Ultra to track my steps, which helps hold me accountable to my walking program.

    Good luck, and lets do this!

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