First trip to WDW w/car - I have ???'s

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by kanturkcc, Aug 18, 2002.

  1. kanturkcc

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    Jul 17, 2002
    We leave next week for POR-FQ and are renting from Dollar (great rate:))

    We are undecided about driving to parks - I know that this is a personnal decision, but am wondering about....

    1- Where is the self park lot compared to the resort - Is valet parking a real additional benefit?

    2- If I valet park at my resort and eat dinner at POLY I know the valet fee is waived there, but for how long can we leave the car? We were planning on seeing Spectro after dinner (our PS is for 5:30). Or we have a PS at Kona Cafe for 7:30 and then plan to spend morning in MK - I think I need to park in the TTC lot and walk over, but is the lot open at that time?

    3- We are planning on going to the Boardwalk - where do you park for this? If I am valet parking can a park at the Boardwalk Inn even if we are eating at Flying Fish?

    Anything else I need to know about getting around?
  2. DebbieB

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    Aug 24, 1999
    1. There is no valet parking at the moderates, you would have to self park at POFQ. I've never stayed there, but at the other moderates the parking is close to the rooms, there are lots for each section of buildings.

    2. The only way valet would be waived at the Poly is if you have a Disney Dining Experience Card (Florida residents) or a Handicapped Plate (or hangtag) or if you valet parked elsewhere that day. Self parking is usually limited to 3 hours at the Poly. Not sure about opening time at the TTC.

    3. You can self park or valet at Boardwalk Inn/Villas ($6 unless you are a DVC member, DDE or handicapped) to visit the Boardwalk.
  3. Chip 'n Dale Express

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    Jul 29, 2002
    For your dinner reservation, I'm sure you'll be fine parking at the Polynesian. Just so you know, although Valet parking is available, the self parking lots at the Polynesian are right up front.

    As for the morning breakfast, I would suggest parking at the TTC, and then taking the Monorail to the Polynesian. The parking lot opens at 7:00am, and of course, because you are a Disney Resort Guest, parking is free. (Alternatively, you may walk over to the Polynesian as well... it's right next door) From the Polynesian, then take the Monorail to the Magic Kingdom.

    A few tips I might offer to yourself, and those others who prefer to drive themselves:

    • Road maps of Walt Disney World are available at the front desk. Take advantage of these.
    • Please make sure to plan your route in advance. Know which roads to take. Try and get into the lane you will need as soon as possible.
    • Read the signs! Getting around Walt Disney World is simple, as long as one reads the road signs.
    • Should you need to refer to a map while en route, please pull into a parking lot, or some other SAFE area. Please do not attempt to read a map while driving, nor attempt to stop the car in the middle of the road to read the map. (Yes, it happens a lot)
    • If you miss your turn, just keep going, and find a safe (and LEGAL) place to turn around.
    • Please be a courteous driver. Obey all speed limits, and do not attempt to cut someone off. Use directional signals, and always check your mirrors before switching lanes. I know this sounds basic, but many folks are so excited to be at Disney, they forget these simple things.
    • Stop at ALL stop signs. They're not kidding about this one. :)
    • As a personal request :) If you see a Disney bus trying to merge, or change lanes... please don't try and cut us off. Let us in please... we're not as slow as some might think... we just simply obey the speed limit.
    • Be aware of other drivers. Between the combination of unfamilliar tourists, and over-confident cast members, the roads at Disney are VERY unpredictible.
    • Always wear your safety belt.
    • I always recommend using Daytime Running Lights... most GM and european cars come standard with them, however, all it takes is to turn on your low-beams during the daytime. I do understand however, that a lot of people are driving rental cars that might be unfamilliar, and might be worried about leaving the lights on while parked. So if you're not comfortable with it, that's fine. HOWEVER, I do strongly urge that if it's raining, that you put your headlights on. Not so that oncoming traffic can see you, but more on the lines of traffic in other lanes, trying to merge. Trust me... they help out a LOT.
    • Always obey all signs. If it says STOP... please stop. If it says No U-Turn... it's there for a reason...
    • Drive safely, and have fun. :)
  4. Tiffany

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    Aug 17, 1999
    The moderates do not have valet parking only self parking. The self parking lots circle the POR-FQ resorts.

    You will not be able to valet at POR-FQ so if you want to valet at the POLY it would cost you $6 plus tip(if you choose to). If you valet they do not give you a time limit. At least this has been our experiance when valet parking at the GF or the CR. The same thing would apply to the breakfast. You could also self park at the POLY for no charge but depending on the time of day and time of year sometimes you are given a 3hr time limit.

    The Flying Fish is located on the boardwalk itself so to get there by car you would have to park in the lots for the BWI/V. You can also valet park for the $6 fee plus tip or self park.

    Each deluxe resort offers self parking for free with usually a time limit during different times of the day and year and valet parking for a fee $6 per day. You only have to pay the $6 once a day. Example, you are staying at a moderate and you have breakfast at the GF so you drive over and valet park paying your $6. When you leave make sure they give you a color coded tag to hang from your rearview mirror so that if you go to another deluxe for dinner let's say the BW you will not have to pay the $6 again.

    Hope this helps you out. We always use a car to get from resort to resort and love valet parking.
  5. Uncleromulus

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    Jan 28, 2001
    Just to add to what Tyler has said:
    The "locals" won't cut you any sort of break. Expect to be tailgated if you are going a little slow looking for your destination, exit, etc. Also expect the usual "hand gestures" and horn-blowing as they fly by you with pained looks on their faces--YOU are holding THEM up!! Many of these people are WDW CM's--so much for the road courtesy you figured to get as a guest at WDW!!
    And when a Disney sign says "Next Right"--it means just that. Some of the turns are almost directly at the sign itself.
    But don't worry--it is rather easy to navigate around once you get the hang of it.

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