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Discussion in 'Sea World / Discovery Cove' started by WDWNovice, Jun 8, 2001.

  1. WDWNovice

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    Jun 8, 2001
    Hi There, I'm planning my first trip to the Orlando area and a family member gave me free passes to use at one of the Busch Gardens parks. I've decided on Sea World.

    Can you tell me :
    how close to Walt Disney World is Sea World?
    are there cabs and/or shuttles to get me there since I won't have a car?

    what are the "definitely MUST do" things at Sea World?

    I'd appreciate any and all info, pointers, hints, etc.

  2. WebmasterBarry

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    Aug 20, 1999
    Sea World is about 15-20 minutes away from Disney. As for cabs and shuttles, you have to make arrangements with 3rd party companies like Mears.

    As for must sees, if you like coasters, ride Kraken and JTA. The Clyde and Seamore show is worth seeing, only for the preshow. Don't forget to watch the end Shamu show. You may think it is like the day show, but the end night show has an entirely different attitude.
  3. kellymonaghan

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    Apr 25, 2000
    It's roughly 20 minutes drive from WDW to SeaWorld (assuming the traffic cooperates), may be less. There'll be plenty of cabs available. Sorry, I don't know the fare. Someone else here no doubt will.

    The outdoor sea mammal shows are the heart of SeaWorld. As soon as you get there, pick up a map at the Information counter and check the show times. The must-sees are the Shamu shows and Clyde and Seamore. After that the show in Key West Dolphin Stadium.

    The best habitats are the dolphins (also in the Key West area), Pacific Point Preserve (sea lions), Wild Arctic, and Manatees: The Last Generation?

    Oh yes, there's an awesome roller coaster, too. ;)

    ABBSMOM Earning My Ears

    Feb 6, 2001
    We got bell service to call a taxi for us when we left WDW, it took about 5 minutes for the taxi to arrive at our resort.

    It took about 20 minutes to get to SeaWorld.

    It cost us around $20 one way.
  5. momtolittlemermaid

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    Feb 1, 2001
    We stayed at CBR and took a taxi to Sea World. When we called they asked if we were ready now, I said in about five minutes. We walked out the door and they were there already. When you leave they have taxis waiting so there is no need to call. It cost about $20.00 each way. No matter what shows or exhibits you see you will love this park. If you have children make sure you check for the dolphin and seal feeding times. My dd loved doing that. Have fun!

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