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Feb 22, 2009
For Christmas our family is getting a trip to California which will include Disneyland. This will be our first in Disneyland and California. I’m a pro at Disney World, but need help with planning this trip. We went to Disneyland Paris a few years ago and think it’s probably similar in size which will be great.

Here are my questions...

Will there be a room discount? The current one ends before we arrive

Will there be another ticket discount? The current one ends 1 day-week (depending on when we go to the parks vs other California attractions)

I’m looking at May 25-28 or May 29-June 1. Any problems with either date?

If I buy a 3 day ticket and we decide to stay an extra day can that be added later at the same price?

Our top rides will be the rides that are not at Disney World. Are there special shows we shouldn’t miss? How are these booked - is that even needed?

Favorite sit down restaurant?
Favorite breakfast restaurant?
Favorite quick service restaurant?
Special foods served at Disneyland, but not served at Disney World

Any fun tours we shouldn’t miss? There are 4 of us ( 2 parents, 19 yr old and 13 yr old)

Special souvenirs only found in Disneyland?

Thank you for your help!


Jul 23, 2012
First of all, this thread has great information for you (most of which is up to date): A DLR Guide for WDW Vets. Read over it and come back with any questions.
More helpful threads:
Grad Nites will be going on then:
Depending on when SWGE officially opens, previews may have started by your dates. And there may be crowds of people trying to squeeze in one more trip before that opening to avoid the inevitable insanity. Check the AP blockout calendars -- there will be local APs trying to get in their last visits before being blocked from DL or both parks for the summer.
Choosing the right DLR hotel for you: -- staying on site and off is very different for DLR vs. WDW, with pros and cons for both
Surviving Summer 2019 at Disneyland!

SWGE is supposed to open "Summer 2019" -- bets here are on June 21st or thereabouts -- so I don't know if there will be a room discount offered for your dates. Disney may well not need to offer any discounts for a long time come next summer.
I doubt there will be another ticket discount after the current promotion ends. However, there are some discounts available through LMT Club (Google for a membership code -- don't buy a membership!) and through (aRes and Getawaytoday are good sources). Yes, you can add up to 2 more days to a 3 day ticket. Highly recommend getting park hoppers for DLR -- hopping is so easy and quick and makes the most of MaxPass (if you decide to purchase this).
FastPass, MaxPass (watch the tutorial videos)
First time MaxPass user...Help with tips and how to use.
For shows: F! is almost universally said to be a better show at DL -- get a dining package (BB, RBT, or HB) to have the best view. WOC is a wonderful show -- again, dining package will be the easiest way to see this (the WOC Dessert Party is a lovely luxury and the other packages are fun, too). All dining and packages open up 60 days prior to your dates. Reserve online or over the phone. You can look at the dining page on the DLR website to see what the packages are and what kind are available.
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Jan 19, 2017
-I would think May 29 - June 1 would be much better days than the others. That would put you in the middle of the week and after Memorial Day which should be less crowded.

-As theluckyrabbit said, keep an eye out for when Star Wars opens. This will likely happen in the general vicinity of your trip, and it could make things apsolutely nuts of it happens before or during your visit.

-In addition to the wonderful unique attractions (Indiana Jones, Radiator Springs Racers, Guardians, etc.) many of the duplicate attractions are very different than at WDW and should not be missed. I found that I much preferred Disneyland’s version of many attractions.

-World of Color is truly amazing. It will hopefully be back by the time of your trip. I did the dessert party, and I would recommend it if it’s in your budget. Gives a great view of the show, and you get to relax with your own table and chairs.


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Jun 5, 2005
OP, there should not be a problem adding an extra day to your 3 day tix.

Shows...World of Color mentioned by the PP is, IMHO, the BEST Disney show anytime anywhere. See "World of Color Superthread" As the PP said, Fantasmic is significantly better at DLR than at WDW. Even so, if you have to choose one, choose WOC as there is nothing like it at WDW (the closest thing is Rivers of Light, but that still is not a fair comparison). Also do not miss the Frozen stage show at DCA. Not sure what fireworks they will have next summer. Historically DL has had better fireworks shows than MK but the new Happily Ever After at MK is a huge winner IMO and DL no longer holds that advantage.

Finally, if Disney should decide to offer Paint the Night, that is the best Disney parade ever. Super good. I am not sure what the status is of PTN.

As for booking shows, I would suggest two things you should do. If you really want to see Fantasmic, then do one of the dinner packages. We usually do Hungry Bear but there are other options. World of Color is a different though. If you read the WOC Superthread by yours truly, you will see it is challenging to get a good view. The Dessert Party, if you can swing the $80 per person, offers some advantages. Not required, but a nice splurge if you want one. Otherwise do your homework on WOC. If you do not, it is likely you or someone in your family will not be able to see it.

Special food at DLR? Nothing comes to mind but I am not a big foodie. The special treat at DLR I always get are Tigger Tails at Pooh Corner.

The only tour worth considering is Walk in Walt's Footsteps. I have done it and would not recommend for or against it. Depends on the person and how much time and money you have, and how big of a Disney geek you are.

Also, others have pointed out SWGE and that could swamp everything. I have not heard any dates but maybe I am out of the loop. I figured Disney would work hard to have it open by Memorial Day weekend to squeeze maximum value from it. If they do make it by Memorial Day that will impact both your dates so no need to choose one against the other.

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