First time at the Fort since 1994


Earning My Ears
Dec 22, 2015
Hello Everyone,

I had to post because I am just too excited. My family and friends of ours just booked a camping trip at the Fort for Feb. 2020. The friends have only ever been to Magic Kingdom with one of their children so its almost like going with newbies.

When I was a child (7-10) we camped at least once a year for about 5 years straight at Fort Wilderness. And I have such incredible memories of those times that I am beyond excited to be going back. My parents took us many times, then we became DVC members and stopped the camping. My wife and I are DVC members now and I have been bugging to go camping for the past 5 years and it has finally been booked. We live in Ontario, Canada, so its going to be a bit of a haul with the trailer down there, but I don't care about that at all right now.

We have eaten at Trails end each of the last 3 times we have gone to Disney, and we have always toured around a bit while there, but I can't wait to spend 10 days there and bringing back all the wonderful memories from 25+ years ago!

Anyways, is it 2020 yet???

Main Street Matilda

May 1, 2010
We are DVC members, too, but find a way to spend a few days at the Fort whenever we can. We simply love it there. The atmosphere in the campground is so different from the resorts. Feels like it's 1950 there - with much bigger RVs. Also, we never fail to meet interesting fellow-campers.

Our trip is only 10 days away and we are surprising our kids (not such kids, really, at 20, 18 and 14) and taking them to Food & Wine. For me, though, it's a chance to spend a few days at the Fort.

Have fun on your trip!


DIS Veteran
Aug 7, 2014
How fun! I have never been to the Fort and we had 2 cancelled trips before this one so I am ready for 2019- I bet you are itching for this year to pass by so you can make that trip :)


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