First Family Vacation Days 9, 10 & 11

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  1. momofdbsdc

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    Aug 10, 2002
    Mom (Kim) 34
    Dad (Eric) 33
    Dakota- Celebrating his 9th birthday

    For the ninth day we do the pool thing again! It saves our sanity and our feet! Day 10 was Sea Worl again. We only stayed a few hours to feed the dolphins, see the dolphin show, and to take a picture of the Bud car for Dakota. He is a NASCAR fanatic!

    Day 11- Our last day at the Disney parks!:eek: I get up at 6am to get ready. I get dad up at 6:30 and start waking the kids up!!! They are all wondering why I am in such a rush since the park doesn't open until 9am! I have scheduled ps at Chef Mickey's to celebrate Dakota's birthday at 7:45 am, so we need to hurry!!!!
    We get front row parking at the park, hop the monorail and off to the Contemporary we go!!! We finally get to the restraunt (only 5 min. late!:smooth: ) It was awesome. They made such a big deal out of his birthday, he was in his glory!!! The characters were awesome! They spent so much time with the kids, it was great. The food was good and our server was wonderful!!!

    After our wonderful character braekfast we head off to the MK! The security lines are long, but I rather be safe than sorry! We get in load on the sunscreen and down Main Street we go. We get our picture taken on Main Street! I have bought a ton of pictures on this trip!!!:smooth: Then we are off to Adventure land. We went on Alladin's Flying Carpets right away. The kids loved it. Then got a FP for Jungle Cruise and headed off to Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain. we head back to the JC for our FP. It was great to not have to wait in line. It was wonderful as usual and the cruise director had everyone sing Happy Birthday to Dakota before we could get off! It was awesome.

    Unfotunately, Haunted Mansion wasn't open yet!:eek: I guess that it reopened 2 days later. So we head over to Small World again and then grab a FP for Peter Pan. Then we hit the old favorite again & again! Those Tea Cups ar4e gonnaa kill me yet!:jester: Then Dakota announces that he wants to go on Space Mountain! OK with me and we are off! We get inside and are waiting in line as he begins to get very nervous. The girl in front of us tries to reassure him! It is finally our turn and he has a wonderful time!!! He wants to go on it again with dad, but by that time the line is huge & FP wasn't working that day.

    We head over the the race track and the boys go on with dad, while I stay with the 2 that had fallen asleep in the strollers. They all love this ride! Then we had to do..... the teacups again!:confused: Dad decides that we all need milkshakes so off to Mrs. Pott's Cupboard we go! They all voted that these are the best milkshakes that they ever had!

    I initially had wanted to stay until 9 to see the parade and fireworks, but we decide that Dalton already has been flipped out enough this week between it's Tough to be a Bug and Illuminations! I don't think that he could handle all the excitement!!! So we say good bye to the Castle and all of the wonderful friends that we ahve met and head back to the hotel for the nightime entertainment there!

    It was a wonderful vacation! Final thoughts to come later!!
  2. Marla Hellwig

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    Mar 25, 2000
    Oh you can ride / spin in the teacups - not me - my poor daughter every has to ride / spin by herself or find a friendly spinning partner - a great ending day - thanks for posting!
  3. Deb8821

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    Jul 18, 2001
    Thanks for posting - It great to hear how other families do it "all" and still have fun.
  4. yepod

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    Aug 18, 2001
    Great final day!

    Sounds like a great birthday party!

    Good for Dakota to go on SM!

    Thanks for sharing!

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