First Experience at Disneyland!!!!

Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by lovinwdw, Jan 11, 2012.

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    I copied and pasted this from Theme Parks, just so I didn't have to retype it

    Hi all!!! So we just returned on 12/18 from an amazing time at WDW! I miss it already and really can't believe I agreed with DH that we won't go back until baby #3 is 3 years old, he's due May 17, 2012! What was I thinking!!!!

    Anyway, so we talked and DH knows how badly I want to experience DL, I just want to see where it all began. So, on Christmas day he said to me, why don't you plan a trip to DL so you can get it out of your system! I was like are you serious?!?! He has no interest in going at all, but I am so excited! That being said, it will be me and my oldest son (who will be almost 5 when we go). We are planning on going the first week in October. Just have a lot of saving to do!

    I'd love to just get an idea of what DL is like and the surrounding areas. Maybe some hotel recommendations, along with affordable food recommendations. While I know A LOT about WDW, I know NOTHING about DL.

    Someone had mentioned Candy Cane Inn, but there's no sticky for it. Any info on the hotel?

    Thanks so much!
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