First Disney Cruise - need some info on teen / baby ??

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by newtodcl, Jul 17, 2005.

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    Jul 14, 2005

    We are going on our first Disneu cruise on the Wonder 9/8 (also our first cruise with our new daughter who will be almost 8 months at that time and also taking along my 17 year old sister) SO......a few questions

    Do they provide highchairs at the buffets etc or just in the dining room?

    I have already made Palo and Flounders reservations, but do I need to do anything for the teen club and what is the teen club called on the Wonder, and does it include any computer time or is this a separate purchase and how$$$

    Is there anywhere in the rooms / buffet areas etc to get hot water to heat a bottle? The baby drinks expressed breast milk and it also must be kept cool, but I am assuming the little cooler in the room and some ice will work for that, but not sure how to heat it (at home we have an instant hot water dispenser)

    Thanks for any help on these many :flower: questions!!!
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    Dec 4, 2003
    Booster seats and high chairs are available in the dining rooms. They are available at the buffet--ask the server at the end of the line and he/she will get one for you.

    You do not have to do anything for the teen program. Go to the program on the first night--they have a Meet and Greet session so the teens can get to know each other. You can go up on the first afternoon, but do not miss the first evening. You'll get the schedule of activities for the entire cruise. There's a party every night with a different theme. Sometimes one is a PJ party, so take a pair of decent looking, modest pajamas. Internet time is not part of the teen program. There is a computer with internet access in the hang out, so teens who have purchased computer time can use it. There is another computer or two for game playing without internet access. It can also be used for other stuff.,,just no on line. Computer time used to be 75 cents per minute or there was an unlimited use package available. Not sure if this rate is still accurate. I tell DD that there is too much to do for her to be hanging out on the internet for the cruise.

    Your servers can supply hot water in any of the food venues. There is a hot water dispenser at the dring station on deck 9. If you need a real refrigerator for the milk, have your pediatrician fill out the medical request, and they will give you a real fridge in addition to the beverage cooler. It really depends on how long you plan to keep the milk cold.....

    Just re-read your sure that you have the authorization to take your sister out of the country since she is not your child.

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