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    Dec 2, 2004
    When figuring your per night rate, do you figure it pre gift cards or post gift cards. For example, were staying at the Contempoary from 9/2-9/11 for $1795.52 and are using two $500 Disney gift cards towards what we owe on our room. Do we take $1795.52 and divide by the number of nights, or do I subtract the $1000 in gift cards and then divide $795.52 by the number of nights were staying.
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    you would divide the full price.
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    Since the gift card cannot be applied to the cost of the room I would divide the total cost by the number of nights. The room has to be payed for before the arrival to get the gift card. You must have booked two separate stays in a row to get two gift cards?

    You can do the math any way you like to justify the money spent for the trip. When we were comparing the room discount to the gift card we totaled everything up and then subtracted the gift card amount from the total for the GC setup since we would have applied it to a dining plan.

    I would take it one step further and divide the cost by the number of people stying in the room and make the kids chip in for their portion:lmao: They all have jobs by now right?

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