Ferb, I Know What We're Gonna Do Today!


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Oct 28, 2006
There’s 104 days of summer vacation and school comes around just to end it. Phineas and Ferb decided to hitch a ride in Jen’s bag, going to Walt Disney World would be a perfect way to spend it!


Phineas: Ferb, lets hitch a ride with Jen and spend our last days At WDW!

Ferb: Sounds like a very good plan.

Phineas: Where’s Perry?

Doobie doobie do wah, doobie doobie do wah….AGENT P!

Phineas: Well he’s a platypus…they don’t do much…he’ll be fine!

Candace: MOM! Phineas and Ferb are going to Disney World!

Phineas: Let’s just jump in Jen’s backpack and tag along!

Hi all…you are probably wondering what the heck is going on.

Well I’m Jen.

I recently went to Disney World on an Agent Education Program with a few of my fellow travel agents. This was an adult trip, which meant I left my 6 year old DD at home. To make things more fun for her at home I took along Phineas and Ferb and took pictures of them. Some I sent back home via email on my phone so she could keep up with their adventures and then I took many more with my camera and plan to make a video of their fun as well for her. Here is their trip report!


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Apr 23, 2006
Well I'm onboard for a little fun! I read your last TR and was waiting for this one.;)
So I guess your a Disney travel expert for real now!:thumbsup2 How cool.


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Aug 23, 2008
I'm in........ you know........ after being kicked out of your bag so P & F could come along.........

I promise I won't hold it against them..........
  • Mindy5767

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    May 14, 2007
    I'm here... I think I'll have Heidi read along for additional reading practice. I can't wait to read about their adventures since I was there along with them!:happytv:

    OOH!! first page again!!!


    Mommy to Claire
    Oct 28, 2006
    Welcome everyone! I will do replies later, we are on our way out. Now this isn't the "big" TR. This is just for fun with Phineas and Ferb.
    But they met some of the Dis friends that I did and will give you a taste of where we went. Phineas found love on the Dream with one Diser too! :love:

    I have a few photopasses with them as well, so I can only go so far before I have to stop and wait for that CD to come.

    I will be starting my Regular TR soon as well...still thinking of a title for that one and am open to suggestions. I had thought "TA's gone wild", ...but we really weren't that wild. :lmao:

    I also though of something along the lines of "If your happy and you know it......." but it's kind of an inside joke and I wouldn't be able to explain it. :laughing:

    Kathy Jetson

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    Nov 2, 2009
    I'm here! I think River will want to follow this one too. He loves getting to see what Claire is up to when she's at WDW.