Fellow 3/2 Magic cruisers


Earning My Ears
Jan 8, 2002
Hello fellow 3/2 cruisers. We seem to be a quiet bunch up until now!
I shall be sailing with a somewhat reluctant 17 year old girl and a 13 year old enthusiastic boy as well as DH. Are there any of you out there? -especially 13 year old boys!
Let's make our presence felt on these boards and look forward to meeting some of you on board.
We'll be on the 3/2 Magic! This is our first Disney cruise and we cannot wait. We do not have a 13 year old boy (sorry) - we have a 9 yeard old boy and a 7 year old girl. We all are looking forward to a really fun trip!!
We will be there as well. Only me and DW this time, the kids have to wait until September for their cruise.
3/2 here we come! It is our first cruise ever and we are soooo excited (not much time left now :) ) It will be DH, myself and my DD (6). These boards have been so helpful. Thanks :)

We will be on the 3/2 magic too!
Me, my DH and our 5 yr. DD. We have been looking forward to this trip for a year. We were on the 4 day wonder around the same time last year and the day I got home I booked this trip!
See you there!

I will be there with my partner, my parents, and my sister. We have two rooms...I can't wait. I was on the Magic back in summer of 2000 for the 3-day.

I posted but it didn't move up....oh well. Hope to see some of you on the 3/2 cruise.
We'll be there, this is our third, DD's first (if you don't count last time while I was pregnant).

It will be me and DH, DS-4, DD 11 months and the in-laws.

Still no documents though -- YIKES!!
We are getting so excited as the trip draws near. Have gotten the formal night wear, and am just waiting until week before to buy that new swimsuit (hopefully there will be less of me). :)
I got my new bathing suits yesterday but still hoping there will be less of me to. LOL Just starting to gather things and think about packing. We are going to be in Dw the Thur- Mon so I have to get it together soon. Brenda
It won't be long now, guys. If it was like last year's experience it will be worth the wait even though I spent 36 hours in the cabin last year with a stomach bug. I even had to cancel the dinner reservation at Palos.
We did the brunch on Sunday morning and it was a memorable way to start the week.
My DH was sceptical about the whole idea of a cruise last year-it was our first. So I planned it and gave him it as my treat and he just went along with it. However, it was the best, most relaxing vacation he'd had and he jumped at the idea of rebooking for this year. He is a rather staid professor here at Penn State and it was a treat to see him dancing in Animators Palate with our assistant server on international evening. My only regret was that we didn't meet enough people, although our dining companions were lovely. I think I'll make more effort this time. I hope that I'll meet some of you enthusiasts on board.
I just buy too a new swimsuit. We will be all a good looking bunch of people near the pool !!!!

I can't wait to go. I hope that we will enjoy ourselves a lot and relax.

I have two DD's : 13 and 11. Any children of that age on our cruise ?
We are traveling with a 13 year old boy, 12 year old boy and twin 6 year olds girls on the March 2 Cruise. All of my kids are very excited. This will be their first trip.
Muffyrides - I also have a 6 year old daughter. This also is our first trip. Maybe they can meet up? Are you coming in the night before? We are staying at the Radisson Friday night.

We have late seating - what about you?
Do you think that your 13 year old boy would be interested in meeting my 13 year old son on board? My son had the best holiday of his life last year. He had the freedom to come and go in a safe environment and he made some friends which makes a big difference. He only ate with us a few times and never joined us on land. He has been anticipating this cruise since he disembarked last year!
I hope to be there the night before. I have not even checked anything at the hotel. But I will do that tomorrow. We have the early dining. Both of my 6 year olds are very outgoing. They will just love meeting other kids there age. They are very excited to do everything there is to do. We have to introduce them to your daughter. I bet I won't even have to introduce them, I bet the girls will just find her anyway.

Hello UKBorn:

I'm sure Isaac would love to meet your son. He is pretty independent and will want to keep busy doing and investigating everything. This is our first cruise. So everything will be new and different for him but it would be better if there was someone for him to run around with.

I would greatly appreciate if the two of them could meet.

Thank you

Nothing against all those children going, they are always the free entertainment! :) But who's going as a couple or single? We're a "dink" couple :) (dual income no kids) going with my parents and my 20 y/o sister. Hope she can find enough fun on the ship...she's shy (like me) and we couldn't find a "playmate" to go with her..too much time off from school or work and not enough money...tough to find at her age!

She and I love our parents but we'll definitely need to party parent-free at some point. Last cruise we took we had 18 people total and that was a lot of fun. The more the merrier!


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