Favourite Hotel (wdw) on or off site?

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May 2, 2004
Still thinking about booking for next year, now I need to decide where to stay, whats your fav place to stay and why?

I have only ever done on site, All Star Movies (x1) All Star Sports (x2) Pop(x2) and Dolphin(x1) & The Wonder (x1) I know the Dolphin is not technically Disney but its as on site as you can get.


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Oct 9, 1999
:love:We have stayed in a few all onsite

Disney - CBR, ASM, WLV, BWV, BCV
Universal - HRH

Next trip we hope to try - Universal’s Cabana Bay and the Poly -fingers crossed!

I like them all for different reasons​


Mar 29, 2003
Onsite we've done AllStar Movies, Caribbean Beach, Old Key West and Animal Kingdom Villas. We love Old Key West.

Off site we've done Bonnet Creek Hilton, Downtown Disney Hilton, Buena Vista Suites and a villa at Windsor Hills. Bonnet Creek Hilton had a brilliant pool with lazy river. Windsor Hills was a great location, really nice townhouse that was really good value with a splash pool, and just outside the Animal Kingdom entrance. Would stay there again if we were going off site.
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    Apr 2, 2002
    We have stayed at each of the All Star resorts. Each time we booked we'd plan to stay in a moderate and then decided we'd enjoyed to values so much it wasn't worth spending the extra money to upgrade.

    Of the All Stars my favourite is Sports (good layout and very American theming) and my least favourite was Music (we were at the furthest point from the food court during August heat). We lucked out at Movies as our room was just a few steps from the facilities and bus stop of Music.

    We stayed off site in a villa once and decided we much preferred being onsite albeit in smaller accommodation.
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    Jan 2, 2009
    We have stayed in a few over the years.
    This Year we are doing 2 resorts, POR & the contemporary.

    For the wife & Myself, so far AKL has been our favorite we stayed there for our 25th Wedding anniversary.
    Next Year is our 30th & we will be at the Contemporary during our Anniversary..


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    Apr 29, 2012
    We've only stayed off site once at the Homewood Suites on International Drive.
    On site we've stayed at POR, POFQ, CBR, BWI, BC, YC, Swan, Dolphin, Contemporary, GF, Poly, AKL and the Wilderness Lodge

    We have a few favourites for different reasons. For a Christmas stay it's the BWI for the proximity to Epcot, nothing can beat a quick walk to the International Gateway. We also like the Contemporary for the easy access to MK.

    For summer we love the GF as we normally stay at Sugar Loaf which has great access to the pool where we spend most of the day!

    AKL is our home DVC resort and the grounds are beautiful.

    It's easier to say the resort (s) we don't like; the Dolphin and CBR. The Dolphin although a nice hotel, just didn't do it for us. We felt it was too impersonal and was too large. CBR was also too spread out and the buses took for ever to get around the islands.

    Verity Chambers

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    May 27, 2003
    Onsite we've only stayed at POFQ and beach club but BC was a two night treat for hubs birthday. Loved them both!
  • ols386

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    Jan 29, 2008
    Favorite on-site is POFQ
    Favorite off-site is Bonnet Creek

    We’ve stayed at all the Disney resorts EXCEPT Bay Lake Towers, Beach Club, Yacht Club, Swan/Dolphin, and none of the All Stars.
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    Jun 30, 2015
    Beach Clubs is our favourite, CBR and POR are good too, trying Pop this year.

    Offsite Buena Vista Palace is very good, especially after the refurb. It's so close to DS you can't lose!


    Feb 11, 2019
    My favorite Moderate is Riverside (or FQ). The grounds are stunning, good food options, peaceful, and you can take the boat to Disney Springs!

    My favorite Deluxe is Yacht Club. The rooms are newly renovated - super clean, modern & gorgeous! It’s just my husband and I, and this resort has the most “adult” feel to me. Epcot is our favorite park and we love being able to walk there. You can also walk to Hollywood Studios!

    We love the Fittings & Fairings Marketpkace, and winding down with a nightcap at Ale & Compass Lounge. You can walk to Beach Club, Boardwalk, The Swan & The Dolphin, so there’s TONS of food & exploring within walking distance. If you get the right room, you can watch the Illuminations fireworks from your balcony!

    And the lobby smells delightful :)


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