Favorite episode/funniest moment(s) on the DIS Unplugged Podcast in 2019


Earning My Ears
Apr 28, 2017
What was your favorite episode of the DIS Unplugged Podcast for 2019? Do you have a favorite moment that made you LOL? Share it here! The episode that made me laugh the hardest (and I've listened to the most) was the 5/28/2019 show when Craig hosted. The specific things that made me laugh so hard were multiple times Ryno said, "There's mooorrrrre?" regarding the Christmas decorations and the banter between Craig and Teresa.

My favorite part was 18:50-23:53.


Oct 11, 2018
I'm not sure if I can pick out just one. One that's popping into my head is the whole Daisy Duck conversation #DuckSass, but it's more the one liners that always make me laugh. Probably my favorite moment from all the content I've seen is a vlog that Ryno, Craig & Kylie did (I think Fall 2018) about the different Fall offerings at Disney Springs. Ryno's rant about the drink at Paddlefish being the price of a "Tuesday Blu-Ray at Target" cracks me up every time I watch it. Then you add in the miserable child sitting behind them at Polite Pig and some of the other one liners and you can basically laugh during the entire episode.
  • Lindsey17

    Oct 11, 2018
    1) Duck Sass, of course
    2) Pete’s Skyliner Rant
    3) Pete’s GF Rant (with the “body fluid sofas”)
    4) “I feel bad giving it the D.” -Ryno ranking the Yacht Club
    5) And of course, this gem (skip to 21:14):

    Oh that was a good vlog. I really miss the Cryno vlogs. I feel like when I 1st found them on YouTube about 2 years ago they were doing vlogs pretty consistently and they don't really anymore. I mean I totally understand why since it seems they keep adding new shows and I'm sure that takes up the bulk of their time editing and uploading all those not to mention they also need time for a personal life. I always found them super entertaining, but they were also helpful because most of the time they were trying different snacks and honestly my favorite part of Disney is trying all the snacks. I probably watch more Dis content over actual TV shows.


    Earning My Ears
    Aug 28, 2018
    rant/speech of the year was Pete when he was reviewing the skyliner situation. "you got people crappin' in bags" or something like that. went in on Chapek too. money.

    was mid-October
    I can’t even quote my favorite Part besides “well, eventually, the defecation bag would come in handy.”

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