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  1. Spookie1010

    Spookie1010 Earning My Ears

    May 9, 2009
    Hi! I am Fatty McButter Pants (35), and my wife is Donna Double Chin (30). We have been to Walt Disney World 14 times over the last 11 years. Every year, we go to Walt Disney World in October to eat our weight in Disney food. Most of all, we love the Food and Wine Festival. Here are our reviews for some of the 2009 festival items:

    Donna Double Chin: Hey Fatty, before we start reviewing the Food and Wine Festival items, don't forget to let everyone know how we started the day.

    Fatty McButterPants: No. Let's just get started reviewing the festival items.

    Donna Double Chin: Fatty's just embarrassed about what happened. I'll fill everyone in. Fatty and I had made our lunch reservations for Le Cellier at 2:30. We were on our way to Epcot by 11:30. Fatty was pretty sure that he would never make it 'til 2:30 without any food, so we stopped off to get something as a snack at the Riverside Mill Food Court (we stayed at Port Orleans: Riverside). I got two brownies and a breadstick, while Fatty got the brand new "Create Your Own Pasta". In case any of you haven't seen the Create Your Own Pasta, it comes in an Asian take-out style container. (Sorry, no picture - You'll understand why shortly). We took our items, and headed to the car. Normally we would have eaten there, however today, we couldn't wait to finally see what Food and Wine items this years festivals would hold (we never cheat by looking online). Epcot couldn't come soon enough!

    Fatty hates the way I drive (he thinks I drive too slow), so he insisted on driving, even though his item seemed nearly impossible to eat while driving. Fatty is quite the capable eater though, and before I knew it, Fatty was opening the container and attempting to use his fork to eat the pasta (while driving!). It didn't take Fatty more than a minute or two to realize that this wasn't going to work. Fatty then put the container to his mouth and attempted to pour the pasta into his mouth when suddenly, an animal darted out in front of the car. Fatty over-reacted and jerked the wheel causing the pasta to completely fill Fatty's mouth, cover his shoulder, shirt, and our front car seat.

    Fatty: I thought we agreed, before we started, THAT STORY IS PRIVATE!!!!!!

    2009 Food and Wine Festival item Reviews

    Falafel Pita Pocket served at the Marrakesh, Morocco booth

    Fatty: At home, I eat this kind of food all the time. There's a restaurant called "Aladdin's" back home that specializes in Middle-Eastern Food. I couldn't wait to compare the two.

    The taste was very comparable, in fact, I'd probably even give the Disney falafel the edge, but where Disney really let us down, was in the presentation.

    When I go to Aladdin's, the chef makes falafels so much fun. Before putting them into the pita, he rolls them across his chest, kicks them up and down a few times (like a hacky sack), juggles them, and sometimes throws them up in the air, before catching them in his mouth. To me, it's more fun than a trip to Benihana.

    Donna Double Chin: I was so excited when we got to the Morocco Booth. I love falafel play. I was actually pretty excited because, when we got to the booth, I noticed that the guy who was serving had a fairly smooth chest (the guy's chest at Aladdin's is really hairy). I couldn't wait to see the falafel roll across his chest. But Fatty and I got nothing, just our pitas and a thank you. What a letdown. Oh well, maybe next year!

    Seared Sea Scallop with Vegetable Slaw and Lemon Oil served at the Wellington, New Zealand booth

    Donna: Our next item is the scallop. Tough, rubbery, bland, over cooked, what a shame! I came to this booth looking for something fresh, vibrant, something exciting, rustic, using local ingredients.

    Fatty: Donna, I think that this booth has every chance of succeeding, if only the chef can wake-up and get a grip. Where's his passion? The chef really needs to realize that it's all about consistency, and right now, we're just not getting it. Shame!

    Our next item is German sausage

    Nuernberger Sausage on a Pretzel Roll served at the Munich, Germany booth

    Fatty: Nearly every year, the Germany booth has a similar item, usually only the variety of sausage changes. This year's was (as always) absolutely fabulous. It was really super duper fabulous YUMMO!! It really was. Really, really super duper.

    Donna: I knew that these sausages have always been good to me, so even before tasting this years', I was confident and ordered 3 for myself. All 3 of them were so good, that even still, I wanted to steal one of Fatty's.

    Fatty: Sorry Donna. There never was any chance for you to steal anything. They were so good that mine disappeared faster than your jaw line after we got married.

    Chicken and Andouille Gumbo served at the New Orleans, Louisiana booth

    Donna Double/Triple Chin: I think the simplicity of this dish is really, really appealing. The flavors really shine through. It was a great counter-point to the other things we had eaten up until this point. The various seafood used really kept the gumbo's integrity alive. The slight spiciness really pointed at the delicateness of the seafood. A lot of flavors really came out, after I tasted it on my palette. Exquisite. Fatty?

    Fatty: I don't know what that means...

    Now it was time for: Lunch at Le Cellier.

    Shaved Prime Rib Sandwich on ciabatta with cheddar cheese, sauteed onions and horseradish cream sauce

    Fatty: Donna and I each got the same lunch here. We both ordered the Prime Rib Sandwich and let me tell you it was Goooooooood!!!!*

    *Notice the asterisk? That is there for a reason. That reason you ask? Well, it's because, as the sandwich comes (or, as prepared by the chef, as some of you may prefer), the sandwich is really not all that fabulous. Tell them Donna!!

    Donna Double Chin: Fatty's right here. See, Fatty and I have spent some time in Chicago. Whenever we go to Chicago, we eat at a place called Al's Beef. Al makes an Italian beef sandwich that gives me goose bumps just to mention. The best part about Al's beef sandwich is the he offers "the dipping kind" (that's where Al takes your Italian Beef Sandwich and completely submerges it in a hot greasy/juicy liquid. Fatty, you finish telling them, I can't even go on....

    Fatty: Basically, your sandwich is wetter than my underarms after a day of park hopping. But it tastes so good when it touches the lips...The beef...the greasy/juicy BUN...THE SEASONING....THE....

    Donna: Fatty, get control of yourself. Essentially this prime rib sandwich, not being "the dipping kind", paled in comparison. After all, the bread is completely dry. I hate to pat myself on the back, but I did save the day, didn't I, Fats?

    Fatty: Yes you did! Donna remembered that at dinner time, Le Cellier serves
    Salt-crusted prime rib (which is finished with au jus). Donna asked the waitress if the chef would mind submerging our sandwiches in the au jus for a minute or two. Two minutes later, back come our sandwiches, soaked and dripping wet. Out of the kitchen, as if by magic, two makeshift "dipping kind" of beef sandwiches appeared.

    Sure Donna and I wound up with shirts that were as stained/soaked as could be by the end of lunch (especially considering I was wearing a plain white t-shirt on this day), but as I said before(*), they were goooooooooood!!!!

    Donna: Should you happen to find yourself at Le Cellier, contemplating the Shaved Prime Rib sandwich, do yourself a favor, and order "the dipping kind"!!

    Taco de Cochinita Pibil (Corn Tortilla filled with Shredded Pork and Purple Onions) served at the Mexico City, Mexico booth

    Donna Double Chin: This is one of my favorite Food and Wine Festival items of all time. As soon as I took my first bite, I felt my knees buckle, my face turned red, and I nearly passed out. Wow!!!!

    Fatty McButterPants: I watched Donna take that first bite, and I instantly knew, it was love at first bite. When Donna took that first bite, her knees buckled and she nearly fell backwards. Luckily, I was there to catch her. Her eyes had rolled up into her head, and she was sweating like nobody's business. Being a gentleman, I fanned her with my park map and let her devour both of her servings, before I practically swallowed both servings of mine whole. Wow is right Donna!!

    Next, our plan was to follow our bellies to the New Zealand area. The map said that they had lamb sliders. FATTY WANT LAMB!!!

    Donna Double Chin and I made our way past Mexico, soon coming to pass Germany. Wow, was it hot!!! It was really humid the entire week we spent at WDW, and for two portly individuals, such as ourselves, it was nearly unbearable. My now stained, solid white, t-shirt had become so sweat saturated that it looked like I had just left the stage after participating in a wet t-shirt contest. I looked over and saw that Donna shirt wasn't holding up much better.

    Around this time, we were passing Germany. Located close to the Oktoberfest beer keg, were a group of jocks, looking very muscular. I think that they were extremely drunk. Before you know it, one of them yelled, "NICE #@!&" (Hint...think slang term for a female's chest). I wasn't about to let them talk to Donna Double Chin that way. "You can't say that to my wife", I responded. "We weren't talking to her ", the jock replied. ZING!!! I looked down, saw how sheer my shirt had become, and well...you get the picture.

    Donna Double Chin: I was worried that this may bother Fatty. To be insulted in public...... I asked him. "Fatty, are you going to let that bother you?" To which his reply was, "It's very emasculating." I really wasn't too worried about Fatty (he's usually very happy-go-lucky). That is, until we stopped near Italy for a piece of sausage pizza

    Pizza served at the Bologna, Italy booth

    I ordered two for myself and asked Fatty how many he wanted. His reply? "None." My heart sank. I, literally, cannot imagine a day without Fatty eating himself silly (especially at Disney World). Well, maybe Fatty was saving his appetite for the upcoming Tokyo, Japan booth (believe it or not, Fatty has taken to sushi - especially spicy tuna rolls).

    For the record, I can't, with any level of fairness, evaluate this slice of pizza. I was so worried about Fatty not ordering a few slices, that I forgot to order a second slice for myself. For those of you who aren't in the know, I don't actually eat the second slice (well, maybe somtimes I do); I just hold it over the slice that I do plan to eat, to get a little extra grease on said slice. Otherwise, I usually find most pizza (this being no exception), to be a little dry.

    As we arrived at our next booth, Tokyo, Japan, I asked Fatty how many spicy tuna rolls he wanted. Again, his response, "None." This time, he even looked down in the dumps.

    Anyway, when I went to purchase the tuna rolls, the surprise of the festival happened. They actually had our favorite 2007 Food and Wine item again this year. The legendary CRISPY BEEF SUKIYAKI ROLL. If there was anything that we bring the Fatty that I know back, this could be it. But I knew that I would have to go a step above and beyond. Fatty loves his crispy beef sukiyaki rolls with extra grill grease. Would this chef be willing to accommodate? I stepped up, and asked the chef if he would hook us up with a lot of extra grill grease on our sushi rolls. I was so nervous that he might say no, that I closed my eyes tightly and covered my ears. I felt the plates hit my hand and opened my eyes...


    To my amazement, there they were, the crispy beef sukiyaki rolls, extra greasy!!

    I was so excited that I ran over to Fatty, who was just sitting on a bench, and pushed a sukiyaki roll into his mouth. I saw an instant transformation. It had worked!!!

    Fatty: When Donna pushed the spicy tuna sushi roll into my mouth, I was a little annoyed. I wanted to sulk. That feeling turned out to be totally unjust, as the sushi revealed itself. IT WAS THE CRISPY BEEF SUKIYAKI ROLL!!!! Could life get any better? Oh yes it could, and it did, when after eating the roll, I noticed that my lips were covered in grease. Donna truly showed how thoughtful she can be by remembering how I love extra grill grease on my sushi.

    At that moment, I no longer cared what any jocks thought. The only one whose opinion really matters is my lovely wife, Donna Double Chin. Our happiness should, and will always, come first. Fatty's foundation is built on rock. Inside, I'm unbreakable, unbendable, unyielding, immeasurable, immovable, & invincible! Those jocks won't be able to get old Fatty McbutterPants down. After all, there's never been anyone like me in the Disney parks, and there never will be. I am Fatty McButterPants, I am Baby Huey, I am a LEGEND!!!

    And now, I"M BACK, BABY!!!

    Let the eating reconvene!!!!!!

    At an unbelievable pace, Donna and I raced to finally get that lamb slider we both so badly wanted.

    Lamb Slide served at the Wellington, New Zealand booth

    Fatty: One bite was all it took to declare that this lamb slider was HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Donna Double Chin: I really can't review this item. Fatty was so enlivened by the sushi, that he was on an eating roll. He grabbed my slider and threw it down his throat. I asked him why he couldn't save a bite for me (after all, it was my lamb slider), and with a carefree look, he said "Leave me alone Donna, I'm sailing."

    Fatty: Donna, take my word for it, the slider was HEAVEN!!!!

    Boston-style Crab Cake with Cabbage Slaw and Remoulade served at the Hops & Barley booth

    One of the last items Donna and I would get, on this day, was yet another of our all time favorites, the crab cake. This year's looked even better than usual. It had a remoulade instead of the previous year's lentil salad (yuck)! Upon seeing the new sauce, Donna's creative juices started to flow. And then the genius poured..

    Donna: I knew that that remoulade was going to match the crab cake so well, that I couldn't let it just be a side. I wondered how much better the crab cake would be, if instead of one crab cake, I ordered two and had the chef put extra remoulade between the two (think Oreo cookie). It was like I had a remoulade sandwich, only the "bun" top and bottom was in both cases, a crab cake. It was one of the best ideas I've ever had. The remoulade oozed nice, like a melted malted. This was heaven, Fatty!

    I've now invented the 2nd slice - pizza grease squeeze, the "dipping kind" (of prime rib sandwich) at Le Cellier, and now this. Chalk another one to the list - the crab cake bun.

    The night was getting late, so Donna and I headed toward the park entrance. We had fast passes for a last minute Soarin ride. Upon entering The Land Pavilion, we saw Seasons. We love Seasons. We especially love the bakery at Seasons. So much for Soarin!!!

    Season's bakery (?)

    Season's bakery (?)

    Chocolate chip muffin and blueberry muffin

    Fatty: Looking at all the marvelous bakery had me giddy, like a schoolgirl!

    Donna: Again with schoolgirl comment?

    Fatty: Anyway, Donna told me that she let me know what she wanted, after she returned from the bathroom. I waited and waited, and it felt like an eternity. Meanwhile, people were buying up all of the treats I wanted.

    I had to act quickly. I ordered the 4 best looking items that I saw. I figured that I would have Donna pick the two that she most wanted, and that I would eat the other two. I didn't care which two I got, they all looked delish!

    When Donna returned, she told me that she felt completely full, and that she couldn't eat another bite (or at least until Downtown Disney).

    I told her that since I had already bought them, that she was going to have to make room for them. But her mind was already focused on Paradiso 37.

    Donna: Fatty yelled "Fine, if you won't eat them, I eat all four of them myself, in a gluttonous eating tour de force". And he did. Fatty polished off all four of these desserts, and left not a crumb. He was rewarded with a round of applause from several others, who were seated close enough to witness the spectacle. What drives you, Fatty?

    Fatty: I guess I just can't help myself.

    That is all for now. Part 2 will be posted soon. Thanks for reading! My name is Fatty McButter Pants and I've gotta go eat!

    Next time on Fatty McButterPants' Food Reviews: Read how Fatty and Donna nearly hit their goal of eating their weight in Disney food on only day two, and share in the disappointment as Fatty realizes that the Florida booth, where Fatty planned to find out how many shrimp he could fit in his mouth at once, isn't a part of the 2009 Food & Wine Festival.

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    Feb 23, 2010
    I am all set with eating for awhile after reading that :lmao:, but I am in and kudos to Fatty for not letting anyone ruin his vacation! Some people are real jerks!
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    Oh lawdy lawd...this has given me a case of the giggles. I'm loving this.
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    :lmao: Too funny! :rotfl::rotfl2:
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    Love It!!!!
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    :worship: You, my dear sir and madam, are awesome.
  11. pooch

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    Jul 13, 2005
    DD and I hit the F & WF for the first time last year and just loved it but I gotta ask...

    you ate all of that in one day?:scared1:
  12. Pooh's-Honey-Pot

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    OMG you two are the fuinniest thing I have ever read. I'm at my desk at work trying so hard not to snort!!!!!!!!! Cant believe I have missed all your previous reviews - now going to remedy that!!!!

    You are making me look so forward to my first food and wine festival this year!!!!!!!!:banana:
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    U are a LEGEND FATTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!:cool1::rotfl2:
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    :rotfl::rotfl2::worship: Food GENIUSES!! :worship::worship:
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    Oh my gosh!! You two are AWESOME!!! I love the reviews - way too funny!!! :lmao::lmao::lmao: I'm definitely checking out your other reviews!
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    Hehe! That was hilarious! I too give you kudos Fatty! Your shirt must have been stained up by the end of the day, what with the pasta and the au jus! I gotta say that falafel and the taco-thing look so good!

    Can't wait to read more by Fatty McButter Pants and Donna Double Chin!!! =)
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    I hope the two of you leave some food for the rest of us next October. :goodvibes And don't hog the grease!;)
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    Funny, funny, funny! I'm not convinced every written word is true, but I love it, love it!:lmao: :lovestruc
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    wicked funny!!!
  20. Spookie1010

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    May 9, 2009
    Donna Double Chin and I really did eat all of these items in one day. In fact, there are two Food and Wine festival items that I forgot to take pictures of (Mealie Soup with Crabmeat and Chili Oil - with extra chili oil & the Lobster & Scallop Fisherman's Pie). And, after the tour de force at Seasons, we went to Paradiso 37. Unfortunately, I left my camera in the car, so, we have no Paradsio 37 pictures.
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    Hilarious! Thanks! :thumbsup2

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