Fantasmic ECV seating??


DISfan forever
Sep 15, 2000
Where do you go when you have an ECV, are the seating on top or bottom? Last year I rented an ECV but with the hurricane (Frances hit while we were there) I didn't have a chance to see Fantasmic in the ECV. Was wondering where I go, I know the front seats you can get wet so I want to take the right camera accessories. I wanted to film it but not if we sit up front, don't want to get my new video camera wet. Anyone seen Fantasmic from a WC or ECV section recently? TIA :cool1: :moped:

SueM in MN

combining the teacups with a roller coaster
Aug 23, 1999
There are a very few seats in the front. Ask about them and be very early if you want to try for them. The rest of the wheelchair/ecv seating is the back row of the seating area of the auditorium.


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