Fantasmic Dinner-Did I do it right?

Glory Days

Jun 26, 2000
I just made ps for Hollywood & Vine for this summer so we can go to the Fantasmic show without waiting in line later that night. I didn't request a special package, but they did take my charge card. Is this right? And is the show always at 9:00? It looked on the schedule like it was at 5:30 that day. Obviously I never did this before and I'm somewhat confused. Any help would be appreciated. Tks! :earsgirl:


DIS Veteran
Jan 7, 2005
The reason why they took your Credit card number is in case of a no-show. If you don't show up, you will be charged 10 per adult and 5 per child. if you decide to cancel, you must do so 48 hours in advance. and if it rains on the night of Fantasmic, you will not be given a rain check. since the price of the meal is the same with or without Fanatsmic voucher, it is a chance you are taking.

Your vaoucher is good for the 9;00 show. They sometimes have 2 Fantasmic shows but when you do the FDP, the voucher is good for the 1st show.

If you saw a show for 5:30, it most probably is for the parade....

We have also booked a FDP for July, did this last year and loved not having to wait in line so long in advance...It is really worth it for us.

Carol Ann

Feb 5, 2005
It sounds like they booked you for the Fantasmic Dining package because they wouldn't have charged your credit card otherwise...although I have always explicitly asked for it and had it specifically explained by the CM. If I were in your shoes I would call back at a not so busy time of day just to confirm everything.


So whats the sitch?
Aug 18, 1999
I just booked the Fantasmic pkg for August today. The CM was very helpful and I asked if my card was being charged right away (I just put the balance of the land/sea on it!). The card is just "holding" our PS and will be charged if we don't show.

We made our PS at Mama Melrose's. It's really the best way to go. Last time we did it it was great, since our little ones didn't have to wait in line.


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