Fantasmic CD

Mike J

Feb 6, 2001

Is the parks the only place to purchase the Fantasmic CD. When I was down there in October I saw it at the parks and at the outlet stores but I didn't buy it. I was hoping it could be bought on Amazon or Barnes and Noble like the Millenium Cd was. But I can't find it :( Does anyone know if it was ever available elsewhere? Otherwise I will just wait until we go back this October.

I know the Millenium CD was for sale on a few years back. However, the Fantasmic CD is only sold in the resort (as most park specific items are).
This might be out of left field, but you might try the mailorder of Disneyland in California.
May be someone can help with a phone #. I saw it in the gift shop at the DL Hotel.
A Fantasmic CD sold yesterday on ebay for $10.51. You could keep checking there.
The two # I have for WDW Mail Order are 407-363-6200 or 800-272-6201

Thanks for all of the suggestions. I like the ebay idea. I think I'll try to get it there, who knows I might save some money. Otherwise I will just wait until October.

Thanks again,


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