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Oct 9, 2014
I would to know how much time to plan for Fantasmic at Hollywood studios. I have realized that this is not a simple question. There are so many things that complicate the question: How early do you have to arrive to get a good seat? How early do you have to arrive if you want any seat? If the seats fill, do they have a standing area? Does that get full too? Also, I know its complicated by how busy the parks are and if there is one show or two. And whether or not you have a Fastpass or a Fantasmic Dining package voucher.....

So, please answer based on my specifics. We are going to Hollywood studios on Saturday 5/2. There are morning magic hours in Hollywood Studios that day (Evening EMHs are at MK). We are doing the Fantasmic dining package at lunch with seats at the 8:30pm show. There will also be a 10pm show later that night. I am going with a group of family who are not planners. I will need to convince them that no, you can't just arrive at 8:30pm because you bought the dining package. When should I arrive at the amphitheater?

2nd question: If I can miraculously get an ADR for dinner at 50s prime time cafe, what is the latest time I can do that and still get to Fantasmic?

Thank you. Thank you.
We have used the dining package seating in the past and generally arrived about 1/2 hour early and often sat right up front - and we like to sit first row so that works for us. If you have other specific seating preferences you might want to allow a few minutes more than that. Last year, we used a 4th FastPass+ for Fantasmic. We arrived towards the beginning of our window and were still not let in for a few minutes.

As for your dinner reservation, I would say for the 8:30 show you would want to have your latest ADR for 6:30. This will allow for any minor delays in getting seated as well as allow you not to feel rushed in getting to Fantasmic. We also ate at 50's Primetime on our Fantasmic night. We were seated within 15 minutes of checking in and our meal moved along at a nice pace - not rushed or slow.

We like to attend the 2nd showing of Fantasmic as it is after park close and doesn't cut into prime ride time. You don't get the dining plan option, but we prefer the flexibility to eat when and where we want.

We generally stroll in about 10 minutes before showtime and always get great seats. We been attending for several years and it's been a long time since I've seen the theater over half full for the late show.

Last summer on a Star Wars weekend, FP+ were available right up until show time but we didn't take any. Our seats were just right of center about half way up. It would have been the equivalent of the 40 yd. line at a game.

Fantasmic is a great show and can be viewed with a minimal time commitment.
I have never gotten the Fantasmic dinner package and have never had a problem getting seats for Fantasmic. I've also never had a problem getting there 20-30 minutes beforehand. Now, we don't really have a preference of where we sit so the back is fine for us if that's all that's available. We also go to the later show if two are offered for the night (I've found only half the stadium is really filled and they even block off the far end sections) - the benefit is that you can do some rides with minimal waits (like TSM) while everyone's at the early show.

Get a same-day FP+ (4th, 5th or 6th FP of the day) and arrive 45 min. before show-time.
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I considered going to the 10pm show but I am not sure my daughter will be able to stay up without going into pathological crank mode..... We are planning to arrive at 8pm for the 8:30 show (with dining package).
We used the dining package last year and arrive about 30 minutes or so before hand. We had no trouble getting seats about mid way up the stadium. 30 minutes should be good.

We've done the Fantasmic Dinner package and arrive about 45 minutes before the show started. We had center seats a little farther up (our choice as to make a quicker escape). After they started letting everyone else in, the "package seats" started filling up fast. This was before FP+ so I'm not sure how that all works in together with the other.
We used the dining package last year and arrive about 30 minutes or so before hand. We had no trouble getting seats about mid way up the stadium. 30 minutes should be good.

I must caution against assuming 30 minutes will always be enough time.
On busy nights, the entering crowd can get backed up and delay entry even to FP and DP guests.
And, on those busy nights, the CMs can turn any remaining seats in the DP and FP areas over to walk-in guests
starting anywhere from 30-20 minutes before show-time.
To be fair, we went just after Halloween, so it was definitely NOT a busy time. Good point Robo!


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