Family of the day couldn't have come at a better time!

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    December 1st we arrived in the MK. I was up at 2am ("too excited, couldn't sleep!").... DH, DD7, DS5 all were up at 4:45am. We told the kids the exciting news, that they were going to Disney World that morning. It was one of life's greatest moments (after 2 years of planning and keeping this surprise)!

    I can be an anxious person, don't fly well...... flight takes off at 7:15am. Land on time (around 10:30am), a short wait for the ME takes us to POP for quick check in and we were off on our bus to the MK! (Unfortunately, we could not check into our room for a quick neatening up!)

    We left a balmy 40 degrees in NH to arrive to a humid 85 degrees in Orlando. I couldn't eat all morning, b/c of nerves.

    We found my best friend and her family (her kids are my kids best friends)... another awesome surprise for the kids....

    We found ourselves at Cosmic Rays for lunch. It was as crowded as ever. No seats to be had. I decided we were all getting chicken, so it was only one line for my family. I was a bit worse for wear, I have to say. The CM may have noticed that as I gave my order. A mangager stepped up, took my room key and our recipe and said, "Congratulations, you are Cosmic Rays family of the day!!" I wasn't so sure what that meant, but thanked him anyway! He led us to a linen tabled clothed table decorated with glitter confetti and balloons. A table sign read, "reserved for Cosmic Ray's Family of the Day". He soon brought us the trays of food we ordered along with all the condiments we'd need. We had been in the MK for maybe a half an hour and the pixie dust was REALLY flying!!!

    The following day, we got family of the day on Star Tours (my kids favorite). Darth Vadar and a Stormtrooper escorted us to the front of the line and on board!

    Got to say, for something so simple, these little acts sure made us feel special!
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    How awesome for you!!!!
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    What a wonderful way to end the year! Congratulations! Hooray for pixie dust! It really does work!
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