Family of Four First Trip to Disney - Day 10

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by crystalbeaver, Jan 9, 2001.

  1. crystalbeaver

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    Sep 18, 2000
    The date is December 27 which is also our last day at Disney. Boo Hoo.


    Tom - husband
    Sherrie - wife
    Heidi - daughter
    Raymond - son

    I had Mickey wake us up this morning because we had breakfast reservations at Chef Mickeys for 8:00. We waited outside AS Movies for the MK bus which was taking a really, really long time. Knowing how far MK is from AS Movies, we knew we had a good half hour before we got to the Contemporary. We kept waiting for the MK bus and it was not showing up, so Tom got a CM to call us up a taxi. So, we taxied to the Contemporary and got the Chef Mickeys with only 10 minutes to spare. I know it was crazy to take a taxi but for some reason the MK bus was taking longer than usual to show up and I did not want to lose our reservation at the Contemporary. The taxi ride was $15.00 (in case anyone was wondering). Chef Mickeys was a blast. We got our picture taken behind a big plate (which copies were brought to us while eating). We bought the package which ended up costing $25.00. After getting our picture taken we waiting in what the CM called the lobby area where Goofy was posing for photos and such. Within 5 minutes were sitting down at a table. The buffet was great. There was so much food and lots of selection. Raymond ended up pigging out on little blueberry muffins with a sugar topping. I am sure that he had around 8 of them before we left. The rest of us had a little bit of everything which was all delicious. The characters that came around were Chip and Dale, Mickey and Minnie. We were there about an hour. We were done eating and chatting with a nice gentleman that was seated beside us, our waitress came with the bill and I asked her when Minnie was coming around because she was the only one that the kids had not seen at that point. We only had to wait around another 15 minutes. After our Minnie encounter we headed towards MK by monorail. Oh yeah, breakfast at Chef Mickeys also produced another two refillable mugs to bring home.

    MK was mad. It was only around 9:30 and the place was a zoo. Tons and tons of people were everywhere. We could not believe it. Our plan was to go to the rides that we missed the first time at the park. We fast-passed Peter Pans flight. It was wild, the line up for the ride was at the 90 minute mark and when we used our FPs we were only in line for 5 minutes. The ride was fun, kids really enjoyed it. Went to the Lion King show which is next door to Peter Pan. Kids enjoyed it as well. I wanted to do Winnie the Pooh but it was absolutely mad there. People were everywhere and even the FP line was very long. So, that had to be missed. Heidi wanted to see what Alice characters were at the tea pot ride. It was Tweedle Dum and Dee, and we already seen them. Heidi wanted to go on the tea pot ride but the ride was extremely long for that also. So, we headed to M&M's Toon Town. Heidi wanted to see what characters were in the Toon Town Fair Store. The StoryBook character line said mystery guest. Tom and Raymond went the railroad ride around the park and Heidi and I waited in line to see who the mystery guest was. It ended up being Cinderella who we seen last time at MK. Heidi got her autograph anyway. She compared the two different autographs and told Cinderella that she liked her signature the first time Heidi saw her. Did the mice again also. Back in the store I asked a CM if the characters changed during the day because we had now seen Cinderella twice. The CM called someone and said that it was going to be Cinderella all day but told us that if we hurried to Exhibition Hall, Snow White was going to be there until 12:45. So, jumped on the train when Tom and Raymond showed up and got the quickest way to Exhibition Hall. Sure enough, she was there. While Heidi was in line the CM there was doing Snow White trivia. Sure enough, I get the trivia question right, (it is a Disney movie that we own, remember at Blizzard Beach). The CM asked me where my sponsoring child was, I pointed her out in the line and she got a free pin of her choice. When the CM came back to me I asked him if by chance the seven dwarfs were going to show up. He said that five will be there within a half hour. Tom and Raymond were watching the videos in the screening room. They were watching SteamBoat Willie which later I found out a CM asked Tom a trivia question because he and Raymond were the only ones there. Tom got it right and so he won a pin also. Yes, I guess we watch too much television. Anyway, the seven dwarfs showed up and we did the autograph and picture thing with them also. They were all there except for Happy and Bashful. The CM told Heidi that someone had to keep an eye on the mine. After that we headed towards the Liberty section to find a place for the parade. We learnt this last time at the park that people start early finding the best spot. The parade was great. After the parade we walked towards Frontierland because we wanted to go on the Big Thunder Railroad. Frontierland was packed, it was shoulder to shoulder people. We did not end up going on the ride but went on the railroad because Heidi wanted to go on the Buzz ride. I knew it was going to be busy because the whole park was just crazy. Sure enough the line was 2 hours long and even the FP return time was in the early evening. So, that was a no go but at least we got to do that ride last time we were at MK. We finally realized that unless we were planning to wait for a long period of time, we were not going to accomplish much, so we headed back to the resort and jumped in the pool.

    The weather in Orlando was absolutely beautiful. Perfect pool weather. I still cannot believe that we were swimming outside in December.

    After dinner in the food court the plan was to go to MGM and see the Osbourne lights. But, unfortunately Heidi ended up not feeling well. Probably got too much pool water (which is gross) in her stomach. So we bummed around the resort and went to bed at a reasonable time, dredging the next day because we had to go back home.
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    I'm glad you were able to get a fast pass and you didnt have to wait 90 min. There seem to be days that the Magic Kingdom is packed. I know you arent looking forward to going home tomorrow.

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    Mar 25, 2000
    Have done dinner at Chef Mickeys need to do a breakfast there some time. Thanks for posting!

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