Family of 5 on a budget needs help!


May 16, 2000
Alright maybe I am going about this all wrong. I have a Disney coupon for hotel only (Port Orlean's Riverside $546 for 3 nights. Disney Club Card got me Ultimate Park Hopper Passes for $212.01 for 4 and $169.62 for 1=$1017.66
I have tried booking online and the cheapest package I got was $1735.90 at Riverside with Resort Magic and $564.06 room only. I tried online with Disney Club Card and got $2147.14 at Polynesian with Resort Magic or $2347 at Animal Kingdom Lodge with Resort Magic. On the phone I got $1830.85 at Riverside with Resort Magic, $2019 at Disney Institute Bungalow with Resort Magic or $546 at Riverside room alone. Is there any other avenue I can try? If we go the cheapest way it is still $1563.66. Are there any other discounts out there that I am missing? We want to be in the Disney complex and we want the hopper passes. Help <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused">
Check the link to get the "infamous codes". There are some $49 all star rates. Two rooms will give you 2 bathrooms and a good alternative to putting 5 people in one moderate.
OK here it goes...forget those "package deals" Thye really aren't the best. You can do A LOT better a la carte!!
Don't book on line at the Disney site. Those are Prepackaged deals and very rarely include the discounts that are available when you call.

If you use the DC 1-800 number you still get connected to CRO. Be flexible on your days...a day or to shift can change rates.

Even if you don't use DC ask for special rates, ask for best price, discounted rates, do better at other resort, ETC ETC>>>> there are a whole bunch of key phrases that can get you a better deal, but yoiu have to keep asking.

As someone else suggested, keep calling never know what will crop up.
If you wait to buy the passes until you check in you can delete the first/last day from your passes. That makes sense if you're checking in late or checking out early.

Have you already bought those passes? You know the resort magic includes passes, right? If you've not bought them, back up and think about whether you are really going to water parks, disney quest and pleasure island. If you're not or you're only doing one, hopper passes will be cheaper. We would never get ultimate parkhoppers b/c we are there for the main parks, arrive in the afternoon/evening nd leave in the morning. I have never seen a good rate on disney's web site, so forget booking that way. I've got all my good discounts by calling cro and asking for them. Besides saving $, another advantage of booking room only through cro is that you only have to pay for one night in advance and can cancel up to 5 days before arrival with no penalty. When are you going? There are some fantastic discounts for late summer-early fall. I still think there probably will be some for early summer -- I'm patiently waiting any way. Read this board every day and check regularly the discount codes site linked above. That's what I'm doing!
No we have not bought the passes yet. I was going to purchase the passes when we got there from Guest Services.
We are planning on park hopping, A different water park each afternoon, the kids want to do Disney Quest and Pleasure Island one evening. I think the Ultimate Park Hopper is our way to go. Do you think the Disney Club discount is the best I can get? <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused">

We have to go May 26-29. How do we take days off and on the ticket prices? <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused">
Hi disneypal,

Your dates are for Memorial Day Weekend. This
may explain why you are getting the prices your
getting. Disney does not offer as many discounts
for holidays. You would be lucky to get a discount
at this time, most were snapped up
earlier but keep trying you never know. You
may want to consider talking to Dreams unlimited
and see what rate they could get you. They
have a banner at the top of most of these pages.
Good luck.


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Memorial weekend may be tought for discounts, go to the resort board in the top is the link to Mary Warings site. Don't buy a package, when you check in buy the unlimited magic passes. If your'e checking in late or checking out early they will let you buy the pass short the first and/or last day. If you buy the passes when you reserve the room they'll make you by them for your entire length of stay.
A budget idea may be to move your stay to dates in which your more likely to get air/hotel discounts.
a option could also be to buy one member of your party an AP Premiun Pass the one that contains water park admissions, it may save you enough on your room to more than make up for the cost of this only need one to save on the cost of the room....

Also, I would check out the cost of a 5 day park hopper plus pass, vs. the ultimate if you are only staying 4 could use your options and main park days, and probably still have a day left for your next trip...these passes never expire. And save dollars too!!!!

As noted before your best bet is to book on your own, not with a package to save dollars....

good luck


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We're going to be a party of 5 in November and so far the best deal for us seems to be 2 rooms at the All Stars. The CM at CRO said Disney will guarantee adjoining or connecting rooms since we will have more children in our party than adults. We are paying $86.24/nt.per room with no discount. You can get a 10% discount with DC but any cancellations must be made 21 days in advance and I'm hoping for something better in the future. Riverside will sleep 5 with a trundle but the CM said would only book for children 9 and under.

If you don't mind me asking how many days is the hopper passes good for and is this $212 for 4 people or $212 per person can you please email me this information at
Disneypal, you're going to be blocking a lot of time if you plan to go to a different water park everyday that you're there. Although you might want to visit at least one of them, you might also consider the pool facilities whereever you end up staying just for convenience. Trust me, there's never enough time to do everything you want at Disney. And, if you've not been there before, remember that as an on-site guest, you can make priority dining reservations 60 out from your planned experience.


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