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Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by musicmantrs, Nov 1, 2012.

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    Mar 29, 2012
    So we've had a trip planned to Disney for about 100 days... even with this (to me) short notice I was able to get ADRS I wanted with CP while my sister is with us and then Tusker, Sci-Fi, Citricos, and Via Napoli after they leave (Florida residents so they're driving down for the weekend). Well yesterday... with 9 days to go before our trip! my sister sends me a text message to make sure I had taken care of ALL the ADRs. I told her yeah, we're doing CP with ya'll and the rest are after you leave. Well she has decided that we need to add another lunch to a well themed but reasonably priced TS in DHS :rotfl::rotfl::rotfl: After getting up off the floor I explained the 180 + 10 days ADR and that it was hard to get the ADRs where we wanted at the times we wanted at 100 days out... now the only available for November 10th at lunch is Brown Derby. She doesn't like 50s PT and I don't like H&V so that leaves Sci-Fi and Mama Melroses. I tried to explain Sci-Fi and apparently didn't do a good job but I've asked her to look at it on allears to see the menu and theme. It would be ideal to do Sci-Fi because then I could just cancel my other ADR and use my DDP credits I already had put aside for Sci-Fi. Now that the ranty part of this post is over... what are the odds we could walk up to either of those for a lunch on Saturday November 10th? I don't mind off-peak times, we're doing Tusker at almost 3 one day but I can't find ADR even at those odd lunch times.
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    I've never eaten at Mama Melrose, but every time we have eaten at Sci-Fi, we have walked up. I personally don't feel it's worth a dining credit, usually we will pay cash for that one. You may have to wait 25-30 mins for a table, or car, but I think you will be fine with a walk up. That's just me basing it off of our experiences with Sci-Fi!!

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