Fall is in the Air - October 2020 W.I.S.H. Challenge


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Jun 3, 2015
Woohoo - my daughters field hockey team made playoffs.
Woohoo - I held my first workshop Wednesday with parents (all masked) in the classroom this year.

Grateful for one-on-one conversations with my kids. My son has decided not to play basketball this year. I just love watching him play, so my heart broke a little. But he drove me to get dog food and we talked about it and school and possible colleges and friends and family. So grateful he still talks to me as a teen🥰


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Jun 29, 2017
Yesterday was a lot…mostly good things but I had so much to accomplish with no time to myself.

I am grateful that our administration recognized that we are all working so hard amidst the obstacles and moment to moment challenges. Extra time was provided to get some very important things done.

I am grateful that I once a week, a college student will be doing field work in my classroom. I will be able to use her to conduct small group instruction.

I am grateful for any support I get especially after basically being on my own for the month of September.

I am grateful that DD has a management level job as a Stylist and will be producing her first Fashion Show this weekend.
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    May 16, 2006
    Forgot to come back and post an unexpected Woohoo yesterday. This one was "a moment made possible by a mistake" - I had forgotten something in my car and had to go out around 9:00pm to get it, and the full moon sky was just so cool looking! I actually came back in to get my phone to try to take a few photos, and the cat thought it was time for a walk. 😺 So I put her leash on and took her with me. She never gets to go out at night, and was positively fascinated! It was so fun to watch her.

    The pics don't do it justice, but here they are anyway:


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    Apr 21, 2014
    I am thankful for the beautiful fall colors happening in the neighborhood. I had read that with the long dry summer and heat-dome we had had that there wouldn't be much color this year, but it is bursting out all over the place.

    I am thankful to be getting my booster shot this afternoon. With the CDC guidance that came out yesterday I'm not sure about mixing or sticking with what I previously got, I guess I'll ask about it when I get there.
  • Oneanne

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    Apr 21, 2014
    Oh lordie, what a week. Hopefully today will be calmer, because yesterday was hectic and emotionally charged. I'm worn out, and I'd like to be able to just get some work done without drama. I really need some outdoors wild time, like to go sit in the woods in the rain... trying to figure out how to fit that in somewhere in the coming weeks.

    So far no reaction to the booster other than a little throat thing which could just as easily be something else, it's just that it started last night after the shot.

    Weekend plans... my Zoom class tomorrow morning! Then the usual household chores etc. I really want to go see the movie 'The Last Duel' and it is playing in the neighborhood theatre, I just have to convince myself to sit there for 2 1/2 hours with other people.

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