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    Jul 2, 2010
    I am planning a trip the last week of September staying 8 or 9 nights. I was there last October (2nd and 3rd week) but decided to go before the Halloween decorations are up and the hours are changed. I am looking for a hotel that is close and shuttles to the parks this time as I will not be renting a car. Will do the 4 day park to park pass again, this pass really gave me the time to do the parks right. I will be going alone this time which is not a problem as I have vacationed on my own before. Looking for information on hotels in the area with room kitchens and shuttles to parks and airport if there are any. Love to hear from anyone who wishes to share their own experiences at WWHP. I will do the same if anyone post to this. 6 months until WWHP!!!!!!
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    Since you are looking for an offsite hotel, I'm going to move this to the Orlando Hotels & Attractions board.

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