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Discussion in 'Canadian Trip Planning & Community Board' started by mamax2, Nov 14, 2008.

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    Mar 31, 2006
    I was wondering if anyone out there has booked a vacation through etour and travel, and used it, and what your expirience was. I had bought a pkg through them in May 2007 for $169, for Orlando and Daytona, and was unable to use it (we had until Nov. of this year but two weeks after buying it, I found out I was pregnant, again :love: ) in between I got a call from them offering another pkg for $500+ and when I said we already had a pkg through them that we hadn't used yet, and we couldn't afford another one at that time, she got downright RUDE, and asked why my name was even on the list (I don't know!:confused3 ). Then today I got a call from them again stating that because we couldn't use our other pkg they wanted to offer us a deal for an additional $298 we could get what we had with our other pkg, plus an additional 3 night stay in Maryland plus Disney tickets and another two years to book. They wouldn't let me talk it over with my husband and wanted to rebook using the same card number. I told them it had been cancelled, and they didn't believe me and wanted to put it through anyway! (I should have let them.) When I told them we had another card, but I didn't have the number at home with me, they didn't believe me either! They said just look on the bill and give them the account #. That's when I decided I really didn't want to give them my number. I finally got them to give me half an hour to call my husband, and now they haven't called back. (I was going to say no anyway. No big loss.) Then I googled them. They have had a lot of complaints!! I was wondering if any of you had actually travelled with them, and how the trip went. If this is how they treat you on the phone, I have serious reservations about meeting these people in person and what their customer relations are once they have your money :headache: . Post and let me know :)
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    Jul 3, 2008
    i booked a package through them last may. told me it was good for up to 5 people. when i tried to book they told me it was only good for 4 people. they made me buy a second package for $199. when i tried to book they said i could not do that. they had me cancel and buy an extra room or go to their deluxe resort, had to upgrade to a minivan... the resorts i really wanted were all booked. so i had to pay an extra $500 on top of my bargain deal of $199. i was quite upset. the car and condo do not include taxes, so you have to count that extra. so i think it cost me around $900. i could have put together a package for the same amount and not have to go through the tour. at the 90 minute tour they where quite pushy and sometimes downright rude. i had to cancel part of the trip, they charged me a penalty fee, i believe it was $25 or $50. anyways... i would not do it again. if you want anymore info just pm me.

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