ESPN Zone for lunch 02/25/10

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    Jun 3, 2000
    First timers. 2 adults. I am not a sports person, and avoid sports bars. :sad2:
    However in the spirit of ESPN Weekend, it only seemed proper to eat at the ESPN Zone (on the Boardwalk).
    We got there shortly before noon and easily found a corner table.
    The booths are pretty nice, for TV watchers, as each booth had it's own TV. (No open booths when we arrived. Not that I cared anyway.)
    Very good service. The tables are small. And I noticed around noon-ish quite a few parents with kids in strollers looking rather perplexed on finding adequate seating. Many of the tables in the center are pub bar tables with tall seating. Between that and no open booths, and small tables I saw several wandering parents. Although when we were leaving I saw one of the families seated at the bar, and seemed to be merrily munching away.
    I had the cheeseburger. (Came with two strips of bacon on top.) DH ordered a salmon BLT sandwich. Each order had plenty of fries.
    DH said his sandwich was (bleep) good. :laughing: So guess that's a thumbs up. :rotfl2:
    Mine was good too. And big burger. I did not finish the burger or the fries.

    Tons of TVs around of course. But sound from only the main. And not obnoxiously loud like most sports bars are.

    Even the ladies restrooms stalls had TVs over the doors. :laughing:

    We were both quite pleased, and I am sure we will return.

    Once noon hit, the place started filling up fast. But there was plenty of room around the bar, and I don't think all the tables were filled. The pub bar tables were taken last.

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