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    Oct 15, 2008
    HI! i guess im starting my PTR a weeeeeeeee lil bit early lol. BUT im one of those anal organizational planners that plans their vacays a year in advance lol. so let me start with basics and introduce my family!!!!!!

    This is meeeeeeeee, Ashley i am 21. i have been to DL several times growing up, it was a major tradition for my mom and i. i was born raised in las vegas/boulder city area of nevada so we always drove to dl and sea world for vacation!

    This is my husband! my love, Adam! he is 25. he has NEVER been to any disney park, and not even on any vacation ever! WOW! so this is going to be a shock for him!

    this, my friends, is my wonderful lil boy, Azayah! he is 15 months! he is so amazing. of course this is his first trip too, ive been waiting for this lil guys first disney trip since we were trying to conceive him! HAHA

    this is my Puppo, Choncho!

    and this is us!!!!!!

    a little history: adam and i have been together now for going on 7 years! wow how time flies. i moved to illinois from nevada. he has always lived here. this is our first FAMILY trip!!!!!!!! we are also going to have my mom join us a few days. also we invited our good friends to join us for the trip with a nice discount since my mom was coming the whole time but now only a few days. we are leaving here on february 20th from midway in chicago and arriving at mccarren in las vegas as this is where we are starting. oh to see my old home, havent been there in 7 years!!!!!!! this will be good huh? well i want the hubby to see my old home. it will be fun its just not a tourism place to me lol its home. but im taking everyone to a special place though, on a hike to some hotsprings down way from the hoover damn on the colyrady river so that will be fun! so far we are probably staying at circus circus. we will maybe see criss angel. and i wanna take them all to see everything i used to do for a day out! the volcano, treasure island, mnm factory, all the fun stuff. gondola rides at the venetian and allll the good foods of vegas. we will leave vegas on the 23rd in the morning. by the way we have good rates our flights are only about 1100.00 RT for all 4 adults. the rental car is about 600.00 for the entire trip almost two weeks, its a minivan. we are driving to anaheim. we are going to stop for a break almost halfway, in apple valley to visit my aunt who i havent seen in years. we will arrive in the evening at the HOJO which we got the wonderful ET rate for the kids suite! im REALLY anticipating this stay, i have high expectations for the hojo and i hope our first stay there meets them! we will be in disney our first day, on wednesday the 24th. we will use a MM one of the days we are there. we will be there four days. on saturday evening, the 27th, we will leave, around 4 pm about. maybe a little earlier, and head out to san diego and check in to somewhere lol im leaning to the hojo there or good nite inn. we are goin cheapo here. we will be staying there 3 nights. so the sunday morning we are going to sea world and the monday as well. we will also try and go to the beach which i love. then on tuesday we will head back to vegas. we will hang out and gamble or eat lol and we are leaving on wednesday morning to come home. so that is the general plan and i am pretty good at sticking with the plan! i can not wait and cant wait to share with all my fellow disers when we come back!!!!!!!! of course i will update my PTR with all details such as final hotels in SD and what not. well thanks for listening and i cant wait to get closer. less than 4 months now!

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