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    Jul 8, 2007
    I am in need of a bit of help and advice!! I am going to Disney in Aug to arrange my wedding and was wanting to get a head start. I have checked on the Disney wedding website and still have a few questions.

    I know that the limit of guests is 18 (plus me and my fella) I was wondering if anyone new if there is any flexibility to this at all?? Has anyone ever been allowed 1 or 2 extra guests and just paid extra? Also do babies and children count?

    In the package the brides flowers and the wedding cake is included but I cant find a description or picture of either. Does anyone have any pics or know anything else about this?

    Thanks so much for helping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:cloud9:
  2. wdwtheplacetobe

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    Jul 31, 2003
    Hi there!

    Call Brie at 1-407-566-5792. She can answer all of your questions and send you pics of the flowers and the cake.

    Our wedding is 10/10/2007 and we were told that if you go over 20 (18 + 2)...your wedding will be CANCELLED.

    Good Luck and Congrats!

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    Aug 4, 2004
    Disney is not flexible with the guest count for Escape weddings. The ceremony limit is 20 (inlcuding you and your DF). That number includes all of your guests (babies and children are counted as guests). They will not allow you to pay extra for the other guests, but you can always have a Wishes/Custom wedding.

    I don't have much info on the cake and flowers. The basic Escape cake is a 2 tier with a Minnie & Mickey cake topper. There are several different bouquets to choose from. Most of the Escape elements (except the guest count!) can be enhanced for a fee.

    Have you signed up for a Wishbook? The pricing is not correct, but it will allow you to see photos of the flowers and various locations. HTH! Good luck with everything! :wave2:

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