Erin's finally-posted-trip-report, Day 8


Loves old Pluto cartoons
Sep 8, 1999
Saturday, December 13, 2003
Me (31)
DH (33)
Courtney- DD (7)
Nicholas- DS (14 months)

Our last day:( ! We got up early (but not early enough). We had to finish packing and check out. Packing took a lot longer than I had expected so we got to Epcot about an hour and a half later than I had wanted. We still had not done half of the pavillions in Future World and I wanted to see the American Adventure.
We headed to Fountainview Espresso while DH went to go get 2 FP's for TT and one FP for M:S. I got a chocolate croissant, some kind of fruit pastry for DH, and ? for the kids (maybe cookies and milk). After Ice Station Cool, we headed to Journey into your Imagination and then HISTA. Then we were running out of time for our FPs so we headed to M:S for me and DH stayed with the kids. This time I did feel a little weird on M:S. I don't know if it was sitting in a different seat or what, but I could feel the G-Forces on my eye-balls (YUCK!). DD had fun playing in the play area. Then I took DS to the Land Pavillion while DH and DD rode TT. My plan was to grab 3 FPs for Living with the Land, but DS was sound asleep in the stroller and I did not know how hard it would be to get inside to get FPs with a stroller- all of the other strollers were outside. Instead I sat outside the pavillion and people-watched while DS slumbered away. When DH and DD returned, DD and I went inside to check the wait time for the ride and it was about 30 minutes. DH wanted to get on the road sometime today, so we decided to head over to World Showcase.
We stopped at the stores at the international gateway and bought a few things, including a pin trader starting kid (the Lilo and Stitch one) so that DD would have a real lanyard. We headed over to the Puffin's Roost in Norway because I did not like the way the shirt fit that I had bought there. DD was excited about doing some pin trading so she shyly traded with a CM there. We hurried to Germany since DD still needed her passport stamped (since we had temporarily lost it last night) and so that I could stock up on chocolate bars to munch on during our 1000-mile trek home (note: they were very good except one labeled "bitter chocolate." I love dark chocolate, but this was even too dark and too bitter for me- a little went a long way). DD was caught staring at a CM's pins so she asked DD if she wanted to trade. DD really enjoyed the pin trading.
We then headed to American Adventure. DS was still sleeping so DH told me just to take DD to it and he would sit outside with DS. We got there just before the Voices of Liberty started singing so with that and the show, we were gone a lot longer than I had expected. I was getting a little worried about not being on the road yet, but DH was getting a LOT worried about it. DD became really bored during this, which I don't understand since she can usually watch anything at home and not be bored- she actually fell asleep during it. We came out and DH told me he ate food from the Liberty Inn while DS slept. I got chicken nuggets and fries for the kids from there and DH ran to get me a shirt I wanted from the store there in America, while I went to China to get some food for myself. The kids and I ate as quickly as possible since we needed to get on the road, well, DS ate quickly not because he wanted to get on the road (or even knows what a road is), but because he LOVES to eat. DD asked again where Brer Rabbit was- we had assumed that he was probably in the bottom of the stroller with 1/2 ton of other stuff. (Brer had been bought yesterday at the Briar Patch outside of Splash Mountaing). Uh-oh! Brer had made his escape! DD was upset. I told DH (who was really stressing about the time) that I would run to a few places to see if Brer was left there. I went to HISTA, JIYA, Ice Station Cool, M:S play area, Lost and Found (Guest services), and Fountainview Espresso. No Brer anywhere. After an hour of looking (running everywhere and completely exhausted), I promised DD that I would order her one through mail order after we got home. For those keeping count, we lost a 2-way radio, DS's WDW hoodie, and Brer Rabbit- we didn't do so well keeping track of everything.
We finally got on the road and stopped overnight in Pensacola and made it home the next day about 9:00 pm. Glad to see Misty the Dog and Lingh the cat, but really missing WDW already.


Dec 28, 1999
I am always inbetween the two.....glad to get home and sad to leave such a great place that I do not have to do the dishes or laundry......thanks so much for your last day


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