Epcot Festival of the Holidays and Dining Plan


Feb 8, 2013
Hey everyone...quick question. We are considering getting a quick service dining plan for our Dec trip and want to check out the festival of the holidays. I know most of the food booths items qualify as snack credits. Can you also convert one of your quick service meals into 3 snacks? Assuming you can, it all must be done in the same transaction, correct? TIA!
Yes (though it may be at the booth's discretion) and yes, all in the same transaction.

It's not the best use of a QS credit, especially since you can get alcoholic drinks with a QS meal now. When you convert to snacks you can only get snack credit eligible items and no alcoholic drinks are snack credit eligible.
WHen you convert uyour CS credit you must use the three snack credits in one transaction. I concur, it is not a good use of that credit, and while the snack options are good, they do not entice me to trade off one of my meals, especially in Epcot. The CS options in Epcot are very good, IMO.

We usually have a meal at one of the CS restaurants then and use our snack credits to graze a bit.


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