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    May 3, 2000
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    Friday - August 17th, 2001

    After a huge traffic jam and a late start, we finally arrived at the Disneyland Hotel. I left the family to find a bellman and went straight to check in. I noticed a television in the lobby where children could sit and watch Disney Classics. We were assigned a room was on the 7th floor of the Bonita Tower. We had a great view of the Koi Ponds, the Neverland Pool and the Cove Pool. The room had a bar area with sink, refrigerator and counter.

    After a 30 minute rest, we dressed and headed to meet TheLionKing at the Grand Californian Lobby. My kids love the Storytelling at the Grand Hearth and tonight they became part of the show. The storyteller was also a magician and my son Tyler was chosen to be his assistant during the rope trick. My daugher Lily also got in the act and had about 5 quarters pulled from her ear.

    After the story, we all headed to Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen. We were seated in the corner of the balcony with a great view of Downtown Disney below. The atmosphere was great and the food was good. A special thanks to Dave for dinner.

    Since our APs were blocked tonight, we sat in the courtyard between Disneyland and DCA and watched the fireworks. Although the view was partially obstructed, it was nice to watch the fireworks with lots of room to play. A quick trip back to the Disneyland Hotel and we were set to watch the Fantasy Waters Show. Disney music set to dancing fountains and lights - a perfect way to end the day.
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    Mar 25, 2000
    And the adventures begin!

    Should I be expecting pictures soon?

    A fun evening all around - thanks for posting!

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