Enchantment Dessert Pre-party - Worth it?


Earning My Ears
Apr 13, 2022
We will be travelling in Jan 2023 with a 7 year old and a 2 year old. Staking out a spot 60 plus minutes prior to Enchantment is not an option for us. I am fine with the cost of the pre-dessert party and like the appeal of a cast member taking us to our reserved spot right before the show starts, but will we have a good view? Is it worth it? Will the folks that have after party package will already be there taking up most of the good spots? Please let me know your experience.

*I am not looking for value of treats/drinks and I know that likely is not there, just wanting a good view with minimal waiting. Thank you!


DIS Veteran
Feb 12, 2020
We did this a few months ago, and didn't think it was worth it - it was less value to us than it used to be. The reason we didn't care for it is because they have a pre-party, but also a post-party. So if you're planning to go out for a spot just minutes before the fireworks, you're going to find it very, very crowded. Even with the package, we went to the viewing area 30 minutes prior. What we found were a lot of post-party folks already there eating their dinners, waiting for the show, and later heading over for dessert. On the flip side, it was still way better than the rugby match feel of Main Street for a spot, but the value just wasn't there for the cost of the party - not for us, anyway.