Employee Discount (GM, etc)?


Earning My Ears
Sep 27, 2000
Do any of you know if GM or other places of employment offer some kind of discount on WDW tickets or hotels?

My Dad works at GM and seems to remember getting a discount on Disney tickets when we went years ago, and is checking into that now, but wasn't sure if they still offered it. Dh's aunt also works somewhere and it seems she got a discount on their tickets last year for Epcot.

Can THEY purchase the tickets for dh and I to use, or can they only purchase them for their own use? Anyone know? Thanks so much for any ideas! :)



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Hey there. Don't know about GM but my dh works for GE and they have a special number where you can order limited types of tix. I think 4 and 5 day hoppers and a few others.

Good Luck!
Bumping this up, I was wondering about GM discounts too...



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