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    Welcome to my August 2012 Disney Dining Review!!


    Hi there, I'm glad you are joing! This is my forth Dis dining review. I encourage you to join me as I share our dining experiences from our recent 12 night WDW trip. This will be the dining review portion of my TR or put another way, THE IMPORTANT PART! All of us that hang out on the dining boards know the joys of reading about an incredible filet from Yachtsman to staring down a heads on prawns at Jiko (just kidding about that one, I just wanted to know if you were paying attention!) However, perhaps some of you can relate to my feeling that sometimes it is not the Signature restaurants or the wonderful comfort food at some of the table service places that wow me sometimes it is the little treats and bakery items that put a smile on my face. No worries, this dining report will contain some Signatures, some table service, some counter service options, and definitely some bakery items!

    This was our3rd time to use Tables in Wonderland. When I share total cost of meals I will include the TiW savings and include a total savings at the end to summarize the value of using this option.

    I should probably say a little about myself and my dining party for anyone who may be wondering. My name is Brenda and this was my 6th WDW trip. I actually like pretty much all types of food and there's not a lot that I won't eat. However, I am a creature of habit and I pretty much stick to the same things at certain restaurants. I figure when I find something I like why take a chance on trying something new? No bueno for a dining review you are thinking! But in my defense, I did try a few new things and we ate at some new restaurants; therefore, this review will not exactly duplicate what I ate the last few trips. And please dont judge me for NEVER ordering anything different at Kona Café! It just isn't going to happen as long as they have my favorite breakfast on the menu. (Its no secret what it is but for anyone new here, I'm not going to give it away that easy!)

    Accompanying me this trip was DH Michael (2nd WDW visit) and DD Emily (16 yrs old and her 5th time to WDW) and they pretty much eat anything that I won't touch like fish and other icky things. Michael focused on eating pretty healthy this trip although I often wondered what's the point - you are on vacation enjoy being a little naughty with the calories, I certainly did. You will see plenty of seafood and various forms of carne being consumed by DH.

    Emily tried a few new dishes this time and even surprised me with some of her choices. She is an adventuresome eater and other than not caring for melon, she will pretty much eat anything.

    During our 12 night trip we had 29 ADRs and a Wishes Dessert Party. Heres our dining line up:

    Day 1: Arrival Day
    Breakfast compliments of American Airlines
    Lunch compliments of American Airlines
    Boardwalk Pizza Window (D)

    Day 2:
    Cape May (B)
    Tokyo Dining (L)
    Cosmic Rays Part 1 (D)
    Cosmic Rays Part 2 - from a disinguished guest reviewer!!
    Cosmic Rays Part 3
    Bonus Photo Gallery starring our Dis-Famous DDW!!!!
    PrincessBetsy makes a guest appearance

    Day 3:
    Boardwalk Bakery (B)
    Yak & Yeti (L)
    Wolfgang Puck Express (D)

    Day 4:
    Captains Grille (B)
    Sci-Fi (L)
    Starring Rolls - Cupcake break (snack)
    Yachtsman Steakhouse Part 1 (D)
    Yachtsman Steakhouse Part 2 (D)

    Day 5:
    Kouzzina (B) - Cancelled
    50s PT (L)
    Wishes Dessert Party

    Day 6:
    Kona Café (B)
    Tonys Town Square (L)
    Teppan Edo (D)

    Day 7:
    The Wave (B)
    Sunshine Seasons Treats (Snack)
    Le Cellier (L)
    Grand Floridian Café (D)

    Life Update

    Day 8:
    Whispering Canyon Café (B)
    Liberty Tree Tavern (L)
    California Grill (D)

    WDW Dining Report Intermission:
    Special DisMeet Lunch at Disneyland with Linda67

    Day 9:
    Grand Floridian Café (B)
    Chefs de France (L)
    Intermission: Real Life Update
    Ohana (D)

    Day 10:
    Boma - Swapped for Contempo Cafe (B)
    Cosmic Ray's (L)
    Insert an item from my snack list here - Sleepy Hollow
    Hollywood Brown Derby - Part 1 (D)
    Hollywood Brown Derby - Part 2

    Day 11:
    Crystal Palace (B)
    Plaza Restaurant (L)
    Dismeet Intermission: Disneyland Holiday Fireworks & Dinner with Smile4stamps (Paula)
    Artist Point (D)

    Day 12:
    Ohana (B)
    Via Napoli (L)
    Dismeet Intermission: Three lovely ladies at once!! Well, 4 if you count me!
    Citricos (D)

    Day 13:
    Cinderellas Royal Table (B)
    Dinner compliments of Delta airlines

    Wrap up and Reveal for Next Girl Trip!

    Announcing the link to Em's PDR for our February 2013 girl trip.... here!

    One other thing before I begin the reviews. As many of you on the dining boards have followed Jabeads recent dining review you know that she presented me with a list of 18 items to complete on my recent trip. Since many of these items are related to food/dining, it is only appropriate to include it here since I will checking off any item successfully completed! Heres a link to the original list.

    3) Try something with Nutella, but preferably the Sleepy Hollow waffle and not the overpriced dessert at Tutto Italia. CHECK
    4) Eat your whole order of Pineapple Macadamia Nut Pancakes at Kona. CHECK - Jabead is giving me credit due to my valiant effort but the reality is that these are just too much for one person!
    5) Have some egg rolls at Yak & Yeti, but dont forget to save room for the wonton dessert. CHECK
    6) Have at least one avocado margarita from SAI/La Cava/La Hacienda. (If you stop by SAI, dont forget the chicken tostadas.) Failed this time but I am giving myself this task for next time!
    8) Have something other than the filet at Le Cellier (Ill count it if Emily does and shares) Failed! In actuality I refused to comply with this item! :rotfl2:
    9) Try the blueberry croissant bread pudding at Sunshine Seasons. Failed! Maybe next time.
    10) Share an order of zeppole with Michael at Via Napoli. CHECK
    11) Stop in at Beaches & Cream, even if its just to get ice cream to go. Failed! But look for this to make an appearance next trip!
    12) Have the filet and mashed potatoes at YSH, but either skip the cheese plate or ask for it without the jar of goo. CHECK for the entree and then FAIL on the Cheese Appetizer
    13) Get breakfast from the Boardwalk Bakery at least once. CHECK
    14) Mess with the guy at the BW Pizza window in an attempt to get him to smile CHECK

    So with that I am ready to begin!

    Next Up: Lets start with some lovely airline food!
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    Can't wait! I'm particularly interested to hear about your culinary bucket list.
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    I am in! Shucks, I have to wait until Day 13 to read about Cinderella's Royal Table!!?? Can't you go in reverse order!?:rotfl:

    Just kidding!
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    Welcome back! I can't wait for your reviews!
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    Yay! So excited for your reviews! :cheer2:
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    Yay! So glad your reviews are starting! :cheer2:

    Sounds like a great lineup! Looking forward to reading all about the items you completed from jabead's list too! I've been following along with some of the updates on her DR and I'm excited to read all about it in detail. :thumbsup2
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    I'm in!! Can't wait for the reviews! :cheer2:
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    I'm even more excited for this then I am your TR :thumbsup2.
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    Shoot...I feel like I just fell asleep at the DIS wheel. :guilty: I mean, I barely made onto Page 1!!! :lmao:

    I am soooo in...as if there was ever a doubt! ;)
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    Yay, now the dining report is up too! I can't wait. :goodvibes
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    I'm in ! I love your reviews :thumbsup2
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    I always enjoy your reviews!! Looking forward to a good read when I come back from my trip :coffee:
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    So very excited!! I love reading your reviews! :thumbsup2
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    I'm in! Can't wait to read your reviews! :cheer2:

    DISNEYDUET Will sing for Mickey Bars and Dole Whips! Oh and e

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    :cool1:I'm in!! Can't wait to hear if you complete the list!
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    Following along over here too of course :thumbsup2
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    Can't wait to read all about your dining adventures!
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    Jill in CO
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    I'm joining in too. I love your dining reviews.
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