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    12 Delightful Nights at WDW!!!
    How many Dis Meets did we have?? Not 1, Not 2, Not 3, Not 4, Keep going if you guessed 5....If you guessed 6 you would be wrong....7? Nope....Was it 8? Negative!....We met 9 Disers (and their families) on this trip!!! How lucky am I? Please stay tuned for photos and all of the details.


    Queue the music, turn down the house lights, and sit back and relax because the show is about to begin! Well, actually, there is no show per se; however, I do want to share our experiences from the mundane (I learned to say “please stand clear of the doors” on the monorail in Spanish, thank you very much!) to the fabulous (yes, that TPV does still make me weepy seeing the castle all lit up at night) and a few hilarious moments thrown in for good measure. (Well, hilarious for us but the moments may fall flat unless you know our sense of humor that includes a lot of movie quotes.) Since I am married to a class clown, we never have a dull moment! (Such as Michael admonishing Goofy by saying, “She’s my wife, NOT my sister!” when Goofy was getting friendly with me at Cape May.)

    Definitely the highlights of the trip were the Dis meets – the planned and the unplanned. Even DH (Michael) was happy to be a part of these meetings; although, he initially had no clue why I was excited to meet up with people for which I may or may not have known their real names. It was so cool to get to meet several of the Disers for which I am a huge fan!!! I’ll include photos of these since all of these good people have agreed to make a guest appearance in my TR! (And I didn’t even require a signed release for the photo ops! Ha!)

    A special shout out goes to the very special Dis Boards Ambassador that connected many of us while we were at WDW during this trip – Jabead (Barb)!! Besides “facilitating” our final Dis meet from afar, Barb wished me a magical trip and presented me with a list of 18 things to accomplish during our time at WDW. Here’s a link to the original post with the list. I will be happy to report on how or if I accomplished the items on the list. Some were very easy; such as forget about the craziness at work. Others not so much… finishing those pineapple macadamia pancakes at Kona – are you nuts! Ha ha! :rotfl2:

    Me and the aforementioned list!

    Since this is a TR with a Dining Review I will insert a link to the DR part so that anyone NOT interested in the food (really, there are people who don’t dream about filets and red velvet cupcakes??) you can skip past that and stick to all the action that took place outside the food kiosks, restaurants, dining halls and yes, even the castle. That only leaves a few hours of thrills a day!

    With that, let’s get the show on the road! And for this attraction you don’t need to keep your feet, arms, hands, and legs and in some cases your head inside this ride at all times. :car:

    If you need to leave the theater early at any time, please exit using the doors to the right. (I so want to be a CM!)

    :tink: pluto: :stitch2:::

    Inserting the Necessary Who, Where, When and Why Stuff here….Otherwise you may be confused when you see us arriving at one resort and then checking into another and then yet another room change.

    Who: This was not our typical girl trip with just Emily and me (Brenda). This time DH (Michael or aka Prince Charmsalot in my PTR) decided to join in the fun. I was thrilled since he had not been to WDW since 2006. I was a bit nervous that Michael would think we were too commando with our early breakfasts and late nights but for his benefit I did build chill time (aka nap time) into the schedule.

    When: August 18th through August 30th, 2012 – 12 glorious nights!

    Where: This ended up being a Split-Split-Split stay since we stayed at 2 different resorts in 3 different rooms.

    The first 4 nights were at Boardwalk Villas (1 bedroom) followed by 8 nights at Bay Lake Tower – of which the first 3 nights were a 2 bedroom Lake View villa. The last 5 nights at BLT was a 2 bedroom Theme Park View. I actually loved our Lake View room as much as the TPV – just for different reasons. I was glad that the two different views worked out since we were able to enjoy the best that both room types had to offer.

    After having stayed at Beach Club in 2010, we were looking forward to trying another Epcot area resort. I have to say that I am now a huge BWI/BWV fan!!

    Why: Following our return from WDW in February, the only cure for our post Dis vacation blues was to book a return visit. So in a way this trip was therapeutic in nature! Oh, and the fact that we were celebrating our wedding anniversary I kinda need my other half to join us for a proper celebration.


    Next Up: Day 1 begins at precicely 4:27am! :)
  2. emmysmommy

    emmysmommy DIS Veteran

    Jan 30, 2010
    Hey look I'm the first to respond!! Just kidding...

    Dining Review link for those preferring a food only option!
    Reserved for Chapter Links....

    Day 1: Chapter 1 - And we're off!
    Day 1: Chapter 2 - Arriving at BW
    Day 1: Chapter 3 - Our first park - DHS

    Intermission 1: Interrupting this TR for a Photopass+ CD update

    Day 2: Chapter 1 - Character breakfast & Posing with a Brit!
    Day 2: Chapter 2 - The Beverly Treatment and Clowning with Sharks
    Day 2: Chapter 3 - Meeting a Dis Dining Legend, a Princess, and a Frump - 3 dismeets

    Day 3: Chapter 1 - A Morning Tour of BW & Breakfast
    Intermission 2: Is it business or pleasure? Fun at St. Regis Resort - Monarch Beach
    Day 3: Chapter 2 - No Prehistoric Creatures to Behold but we did see a Yeti!
    Day 3: Chapter 3 - Skipper Take us to DTD so we can do some more walking!
    Day 3: Chapter 4 - DisneyQuest Virtual Adventure

    Day 4: Chapter 1 - Breakfast and girl time at MK
    Day 4: Chapter 2 - Sci-Fi, a legendary cupcake and entering the Twilight Zone!
    Day 4: Chapter 3 - Characterpalooza Fun!

    Day 5: Chapter 1 - Moving on from Boardwalk and some DHS fun.
    Day 5: Chapter 2 - Short update before heading to BLT
    Day 5: Chapter 3 - BLT with a side of CR
    Day 5: Chapter 4 - Wishes Dessert Party

    Intermission 3: for DisMeet #10 - with Linda67. Lunch at Cafe Orleans in Disneyland

    Day 6: Chapter 1 - Michael posed with Princesses and a Practically perfect Mary!
    Day 6: Chapter 2 - More MK fun and lunch at Tony's
    Day 6: Chapter 3 - Epcot and Teppan Edo

    Day 7: Chapter 1 - Someone is missing their pants!!
    Intermission 4: Dismeet #11 at Disneyland with Smile4Stamps.
    Day 7: Chapter 2 - Por Favor Mantengese Alejado de las Puertas and a little rain!
    Day 7: Chapter 3 - brief post GFC dinner update to finish day 7

    Day 8: Chapter 1 - It's a Wilderness Lodge kinda morning
    Day 8: Chapter 2 - Room Change to TPV and wishing star throw down at California Grill dinner

    Day 9: Chapter 1 - Dismeet with Wilma-Bride and family followed by some Epcot fun!
    Day 9: Chapter 2 - Trolls, Spaceships, and date night at MK

    Photo interlude in lieu of an actual update!

    Day 10: Chapter 1 - A Touch of Hurricane Isaac and some MK fun.
    Day 10: Chapter 2 - At least we had fun with Tigger before we had the worst meal of our trip! ;) (One meal has to have that distinction but this went to the extreme.)
    Day 10: Chapter 3 - Post Dinner Fun... at least we still had our sense of humor!

    Day 11: Chapter 1 - Starting the Day with a Dismeet and a Soaking

    Dismeet Intermission: Smile4Stamps (Paula) spent time at Disneyland and Em and I were able to tag along one evening.

    Day 11: Chapter 2 - Some pool time WITH yours truly going down the BLT slide.. then some dinner at AP.

    Day 12: Chapter 1 - 'Ohana starts our sweltering day followed by some Princess posing - sorry Michael!
    Day 12: Chapter 2 - An Italian favorite for lunch followed by an epic Dismeet...Tracer00, GoofysSon'sMom, and Wilma-Bride!
    Day 12: Chapter 3 - Final Spaceship Earth Flight and Dinner at Citricos

    Day 13: Chapter 1 - CRT breakfast followed by the long sad walk down Main Street for the last time.
    Day 13: Chapter 2 - Final Farewells and Plans for the Next Trip in Feb. 2013!
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    Signing on!! I can't wait to read all about your trip!! Yay I'm the first!! LOL!!
  5. Kat in GA

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    Jun 2, 2006
    I have been following along on your dining ptr - can't wait to hear all about it!
  6. sushi candy

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    Jul 24, 2012
    I am totally in! I can't wait to hear about everything- especially the DIS meets. :)
  7. natebenma

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    Jul 19, 2008

    I'm in!!!

  8. deenbrad

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    Feb 11, 2008
    Doing my happy dance now! :banana::yay::yay::banana:
    I can't wait to read all about your trip! As you kept meeting up with everyone I wondered what Brad would think if I met so many people I "knew" at Disney! Glad your hubby handled it well!!
  9. emmysmommy

    emmysmommy DIS Veteran

    Jan 30, 2010
    Note: I made a mistake in my Dis meet math - I left off someone so the official count is 8 not 7!! Oh, and we ran into one Diser twice but I only counted her once here. :)

    Yay! You are the honorary 1st reader! :banana:

    Thanks for joining Kat!

    Hi Rosey! The diser part is the fun part!

    Hi Dee! Thanks for dropping in! I made it all the way back to your report to catch up but was distracted and didn't comment so just so you know....I'm still hanging in there with all of the fun and excitement of the middle schoolers. Oh, and I dropped by the BC lobby when we were at Cape May but didn't see Teena so it was likely her day off or just bad timing.

    It was so funny when someone would come up to us and Michael wondered what I was doing/posting on the Dis Boards that someone would recognize me or Em. :rotfl2: In the end he really liked getting to know these folks!
  10. Stringbean&Wingnut

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    I'm here!! Can't wait to hear all about your trip!! :yay:
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    I'M IN!!!!! I can't wait to see who you DISmet with at WDW! That must have been so exciting for you and your lovely family. Following now, anticipating another great review.
  12. rachel09985

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    Yippee, I am in, anxiously awaiting! Bring on the food porn, haha!:thumbsup2
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    Fantastic! I'm in! I read about your list on jabed's DR!
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    popcorn:: joining in popcorn::
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    Joining in. Looking forward to the Dis meet reports and dining reviews. :thumbsup2
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    Just wanted to say that I have been looking forward to your report. I have read your previous one and it is so entertaining. :thumbsup2:thumbsup2
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    THIS is going to be good!!! Looking forward to you adventures AND the food!!! :thumbsup2:
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    I'm here, I'm here. I can't wait to hear all about this 12-night trip. :goodvibes
  19. KatMark

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    Aug 5, 2007
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    Woohoo I can't wait for you to get started! :woohoo: popcorn::
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    Yay! I've loved your Dining Reviews and can't wait to read along this TR/DR! :thumbsup2

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