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Mar 17, 2001
DH signed us up as Emerald Aisle members last year at no cost with our Disney Club membership. My friends are going to be going to Disney next year and wanted to become Emerald Aisle members but DO NOT HAVE A DISNEY CARD. does anyone know if there is someway to become members without paying a fee???Is there a special code??? Thank yoy
Some credit cards offer a fee free join up, Capital One comes to mind. In all honesty, have them get the DC card, it cost less than the membership fee at National, which is 50.00, the DC card is 39.99
Plus, as Gail said, with the DC card, they'll more than make up for that $39 with possibly one National Rental. Then the rest of the discounts are gravy!
You might want to check the national web site - last time I looked they were offereing a free membership if you signed up over the web.

Go to http://www.capitolone.com and look at the bottom left under "Cardholder offers" for the link that says "Save 15% at National Car Rental." This will take you to a page that allows you to sign up for a free EI membership.
Not free anymore, unfortunately. :(

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To join Emerald Club for an annual fee of $50 (U.S.D.), simply complete and return the Emerald Club Membership Request, and upon processing, the benefits of this exciting program will be yours. Enjoy a whole new experience in car rentals – exclusively for experienced travelers like you.

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