Elf Island’s Free Public Beta Opening this Friday! 11/19

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    Elf Island’s Free Public Beta Opening this Friday!
    November 19th, 2008

    This Friday marks the official opening for Elf Island’s free public beta! Come and join the fun for free by chatting with friends, playing games and exploring our exciting world full of possibilities.

    It’s been a long and exciting road for our native elves. They’ve been working overtime preparing, fixing and building many of the fun features some of you’ve already experienced in our closed Elf Island beta.

    The native elves are placing the finishing touches on our first GoodQuest - house building! Expect to see this GoodQuest and more fun features integrated into Elf Island as more and more Islanders join us. Timing for these features will be announced in the game and on our blog.

    Here are just a few of the features you can expect to see from us soon:

    - Our first GoodQuest: House building!

    - More micro games

    - More animated items to purchase

    - More elf outfit selections

    - Full access to the Field Guide

    - Improved chat options and elf mobility

    - Buying, trading or gifting items with other elves

    - Achievement and status

    - Our weekly multimedia newsletter – The Tide

    - Tribes – Coming soon!

    For you newcomer elves and for those who are our regular islanders, spread the word that we’re opening our Island for free to everyone on Friday! We look forward to playing with you!
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    Wootastic! Looks like we will see a goodquest and tribes soon! That rocks.
  3. Diva of Dragons

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    Ditto!! I'm just bummed that we can only have 12 Elves to a tribe.

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