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Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by wendyl, Jul 6, 2006.

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    Feb 28, 2004
    OK--if my email program had not disabled the ability to link on this latest scam email, I would have fallen for it, and the scammers would have had my Ebay username and password. And I get tons of these silly ebay and paypal scam emails, but this is the first that would have worked.

    The email came supposedly from ebay (and was very professionally done, not one with bad grammar, and asking for credit card info like some) saying that one of my listings was removed because it violated copyright VERO infrigement and that my account was being suspended while they investigated. I panicked, of course, with my head spinning wondering what item they could be talking about. I tried clicking on the link to that item that they provided (but luckily it was disabled by my email carrier). My assumption, now that I know it was fake, is that once you clicked on that link, it would lead you to a screen where you entered your ebay name and password to 'verify' and then they would have your info, and would hijack your account.

    I logged onto Ebay immediately after seeing that email and not being able to see what item they were referring to--and there were NO messages from Ebay in Mymessages, my account was certainly not suspended, and when I typed in that item number seperately, of course it didn't exist.

    Forwarded it to spoof@ebay.com and they confirmed the scam email.

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    Fortunate that your carrier protected you but how terrible for you to go thru this! It is constantly amazing just how sick people can be!! I am glad you and your account are OK.....that is just terrible!
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    Don't even try to paste or click on the link. At your convenience type in eBay or Amazon or Target or whatever into the top of your browser manually to go directly to their website directly to see what is new for you.

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