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Nov 18, 2008
ok so I have been looking for a particular stroller. I have found it everywhere for $269 but I found a listing on eBay for $169. the heading says it is new but when you read the description the poster says that they have used it twice but it is in great condition so it should have been listed as like new. my question tho is this. they have shipping listed as $19.99 but then in the item description they said they will only ship if actual shipping cost is paid. if I were to purchase this they cannot send me an email asking me for additional funds correct?
Sounds like a seller who doesn't know the rules. That's going to be a pain to deal with.
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Message them to find out exactly what that means and state the costs are listed as $19.99. Ebay will side with you if there is a problem about changing shipping costs. Ebay will also side with you if the item is described as new and it's not actually new. It could very well be that they are inexperienced sellers (what's their rating?) or they are trying to get move hits to their listing by stating new in the title. In any event, you - as the buyer- are far more protected than the seller.
Just remember: sometimes the cheap comes out expensive.

I would just buy it new and be done with it.

I wouldn't buy because of the shipping issue, even if it was still new in box sealed. Too many red flags here.
I agree with everyone else. Don't buy it. It shouldn't be listed as new if it's been used twice. The seller can't change the shipping cost to more than is listed. It sounds like the seller doesn't have their stuff together and will be difficult. Save yourself the headache.

thanks you all. I am just going to get it from Babies R Us and be guaranteed that I get a new product. I don't think $100 is worth dealing with the hassle. Plus after thinking about it more I don't want to put my baby in something that I got from someone who I'm not sure I can trust.


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