Ear hat embroidery??


Earning My Ears
Aug 23, 2017
Hello all!!
I recently changed my name- but a couple years I got my deadname embroidered on the back of my ear hat (at the Chapeau in MK.) Would they be able to rip out the old embroidery and put my current name on the hat? Or should I just buy a new hat?
Thanks!!! :-)

Chuck S

DVC Co-Moderator
Feb 6, 2000
I'd buy a new hat. You have the old one for a keepsake, as I assume a trip to Disney was happy times, even with the name.


DIS Veteran
May 2, 2018
My concern would be that even if they were willing to tear out the name and replace it, that the original embroidery would leave a "ghost" in the fabric of the hat, kwim? Even if no one else noticed it, you might, and I don't know how you might feel about that.


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