Earning My Ears
Sep 25, 2015
Hello everyone, I am looking for some help.

We are currently exploring buying into DVC via resale and a property with the exact points we would like has become available on dvcresalemarket.com.

Does anybody have any experience with this company and could offer their opinion on them, also, I can't seem to find any of their Terms & Conditions on their website and I would really like to look over them before I make an offer on the property.

Thanks again.


DIS Veteran
Dec 22, 2015
You don't need to consider their T&Cs as a buyer. You are not contracting with them so there are no terms to agree with them. You contract with the seller and if your offer is accepted youll get a contract then with the seller. You are not paying dvcresalemarket fees or comission. There are no T s and Cs with them . They are licensed real estate brokers and bound by professional obligations as it's a regulated industry. If you went and out and put an offer in on a house in the UK you would not have Ts and Cs with the estate agent. This company is very well regarded, you should not have problems. Put in an offer, they send you a contract. Read that carefully, but it will be standard as mine was. If you agree sign and send it back with your deposit- pay that on credit card. You then have a binding agreement with the seller . It will go to ROFR. If it passes Magic Vacation Title will be appointed to deal with closing. They are good, this is all they do. It is very easy. Use Hifx for the final transfer in closing.


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