DVC trip - got refund at US and went to WDW!

Betty X

Aug 22, 1999
Before we left for our trip Jan 20-30th I posted that we would not be going to the WDW parks because of price and Cdn dollar exchange. We changed our mind pretty quick.

We went to US for the first time and lasted about 15 mins before we went to get our money back. I have never been to a more lame park in my entire life. We went for park opening at 9am and nothing was open. There was only 1 store open, the rest were to open at 10:30. We wanted to see Curious George and it didn't open until noon. I will never go back. We are still laughing that Rocky and Bullwinkle were there to greet the guests as they arrived. There is absolutely no meaning or history to this park at all. We were shown a back exit to leave so that nobody could see us leaving. I will definitely be giving Disney my money for the rest of my life!

The Disney experience far exceeds any other and it took going to Universal Studios to find out how good Disney really is!

We stayed at Vero Beach for the second time, great weather and an all round relaxing experience.

Then onto OKW where everything was great but BWV are still my favourite.
Gosh, I am sorry you had such a bad experiance and I am really glad you got your money back! That is diappointing to hear because would have liked to try US next time we go to WDW, this will make us think twice! My sister went last year sometime and she said that it was okay, she didn't rave about it though! Anyone else have an experiance like this??
About Universal Studios...

I guess I don't understand what the draw is, unless it has changed A LOT since we were there. For every ride we went on, we stood in line for an hour, much of it in 90 degrees with no shade. Also on every ride we went on, the main attraction seemed to be FIRE. We saw Kong, Jaws, Earthquake, (and something else) where each time we were so close to flames, we could feel the hair on our legs being singed! Every ride we went on was like this, I am not making this up! To this day, whenever anyone mentions Universal Studios my daughter rolls her eyes and shows me where the hair no longer grows on her legs from our trip there...
I agree about Universal Studios; however, Islands of Adventure is much better. Although I wouldn't take my 9 and 5 year old DD's there until they are teenagers. Most of the rides were too violent or intense for smaller children. It's going to be WDW for us for a long time!

I really enjoyed the two times we've been to Universal Studios but it could be that I had "Portifino Bay Resort dust" in my eyes - or was merely blinded by the awesome perk of having front of the line access to each ride. We never waited in any line and we were able to ride our favorites like Men in Black over and over and over again. We enjoyed the Terminator show, Jaws, Earthquake and the general overall atmosphere at the park. Don't get me wrong, it was no Disneyworld but we enjoyed ourselves (especially at the Portofino Bay Resort - the ferryboat ride in the mornings was so peaceful). Islands of Adventure as someone mentioned was great! The Hulk is a wonderful coaster for roller coaster chickens like me (no drops). Overall, I don't think the Universal parks are bad - they're just not Disney. Just my two cents for what its worth! :D

I just thought I was the only one who was underimpressed with US. Haven't been to Isle of Adv, though. The original US in Florida was lame, especially compared to the US-Hollywood. We usually do Disney, but pick one or two days for off-site stuff like Sea World or NASA.
We were there Jan 20-30 also. The weather was AWSOME this trip! We NEVER go to Universal. Have never heard much good agout it and have never had a desire to do anything but Disney. We spent all of each day in the parks.

I agree with most of the posters on this subject. We did US and Isle of Adv. last Feb, and was not impressed at all. Two of the major coasters at Isle. of Adv. were broke down the whole day. Lines at others were very long and "hot".
When you are used to Disney parks and Resorts this was a big let down for us, and it was our first time there. We would never go back. :(
We usually do 1-2 days at US/IOA during our trip. We go for 2-3 weeks so we have PLENTY of WDW time too. My kids (19 & 16) love IOA. Since we buy the 2 park pass we usually spend a few hours at US and the rest of the time at IOA. IOA is more of a thrill ride type of park, WDW doesn't offer that. This summer we're spending a weekend at Universal at the Royal Pacific so we can have FOTL access during our stay. I love WDW but we enjoy IOA too.
Just a quick question. Do you really think you can make a fair and informed judgement about a theme park in just 15 minutes?

I had been to USF back in 1991 (I did spend the whole day though.) I did not return until 2001. I guess you can assume that I was not impressed with it either. However, in 2001, I went to IOA and really enjoyed myself. I also went to USF where they had added several attractions since my previous visit. I also enjoyed that (but IOA was much better in my opinion). I returned in Jan 2002, stayed at HRH, and had a wonderful time.
I can say that I enjoyed IOA more than any of the Disney parks. I am not sure what the draw is for me. Maybe because it is something different, great coasters, great themeing (LOVE Dr. Seuss).

I was a diehard Disney fan (we purchased DVC because of our love for Disney), but found out there are other theme parks out there that can also be enjoyed.
This forum in NOT an appropriate place to discuss theme parks- Disney or otherwise.

Please continue any further comparison on the Community Board or Debate Board.

Of course, the Theme Parks and Attractions Board is always appropriate for a Disney theme parks discussion and the US/IOA Board would be fine for those discussions.

Thanks! ;)


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